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Google's attractive overnight delivery service, Google Shopping Express, is expanding into northern California. Berkeley, Concord, Danville, Dublin, Fremont, Oakland, Pleasanton, Richmond, and Walnut Creek are just some of the new areas included in the expansion. Over the next couple of months, Google is hoping to get the service right up to the Oregon border, and down to Fresno. Local stores like Blue Bottle Coffee, Costco, Google Play, Office Depot, Staples, Target, Walgreens, and Whole Foods are all included.

Though relatively new, Google Shopping Express is already operating in Manhattan and L.A., plus they're still offering six months of free deliveries for new users and tossing in $10 worth of goods for new users. Prices on items are exactly the same as they are in-store.

In the grand scheme of things, Google Shopping Express is still fairly limited in geographic scope, and eventually competing with Amazon Prime could turn into troublesome territory, but even if it's just for getting Google goods to your door faster, I think we're all eager to see this project succeed.

Are any of you living in the new areas serviced by Google Shopping Express? (You can find out if your are here.) How often do you get stuff delivered to your front door?

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Google Shopping Express heads up the PCH to northern California


The title of this article makes no geographical sense. San Francisco & San Jose already have GSE. They are expanding it to the East Bay with plans to expand south to Fresno & North of the Bay area to Oregon.border.

And it's not "the" PCH. It's just PCH....

I would probably just re-title the Article "Google Shopping Express expanding in Northern California" rather than try and look cute.

I am going up the Pacific Coast Highway.. Or I am going up Pacific Coast Highway.

I think both are perfectly fine

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It doesn't say that. It says "PCH" and nobody in Northern CA would say "the PCH." If you did, I would assume you weren't from these parts.


In addition, the first two areas to get GSE were SF Peninsula & South Bay (San Jose area) back in November. They are clearly expanding Nor Cal coverage, not "heading up PCH".

I live in Fremont so I can finally take advantage of this. Only thing is I have nothing to order at the moment. So what is the service fee after six months?

$5 per store, per visit no matter how much you order. So, if you place one order and only buy from Target, it's $5, regardless of the number of items or amount spent. If you place one order and choose items from Whole Foods, REI and say the Google Play Store, then it will be $15.

However, I'm on month 8, use it twice a month and haven't been charged yet. So there's that.

Not too bad. I wonder what the turn around rate would be if I bought a device from the Play Store. Guess I'll have to try that out when and if the rumored Nexus 8 gets announced and sold.

They have yet to offer GSE on "day of release" for new devices through the Play Store, so don't count on it.

I had a Nexus 4 crap out on me a couple months ago and discovered that GSE was only delivering Play Store Devices to the South Bay. I had to go to a T-Mo store to pick a Nexus 5. Of course a week later they expanded into San Francisco proper, so there's hope for the next round of devices....

FWIW, many do not consider the Bay area (e.g., Berkeley, Concord, Danville, Dublin, Fremont, Oakland, Pleasanton, Richmond, and Walnut Creek) to be northern CA.

I love how there are more comments about subjective geography than about the service.

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Finally they come to Fremont! Next phone from Google Play will be delivered via this service!

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