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From store to your door in just a few hours

If you're one of the millions who lives in the San Francisco general area, you might have heard about Google Shopping Express. Order anything (well, almost anything) from places like Target, Toys R Us or Walgreens, and Google will deliver it to you in just a couple hours. It's something Google has been testing, but today things just got a little cooler if you're an Android user.

Of course you still have to have residence in the areas Google Shopping Express covers (more info about all the rules here), but installing the new app will give you free deliveries for six months. Sounds like a great way to try the service to me. 

Anyone trying this? Shout out in the comments. Bonus points for the first person who has a Nexus 7 delivered from Toys R Us!



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Google Shopping Express app now in Play store, you still need to be in San Fran to use it


i wish i was in SF right now. i'd be at the Redwood Room at the Clift having a few cocktails scoping out the chiquitas................

Jerry you seem like a really cool guy, however, San Fran=FAIL, San Francisco or The City=WIN
Thanks so much from a resident of San Francisco, who loves this site and all it's contributors :)

San Francisco makes the title too long.

The City is too ambiguous.

San Fran is something everyone understands when they see it. Therefore, it wins by default.

I think "SF" will do just fine. The actual SF locals just don't like "San Fran" or "Frisco" kinda thing. Obviously "The City" works only in SF Bay Area so it's not appropriate for this site...

I guess the point is to avoid "San Fran" and "Frisco" at all cost so SF folks won't jump on you in the comments. ;)

He mad.

Relax man. If I wanted to slight anyone I could do a much better job than this. I bothered to tell you why it was done. You may not believe it, but the rest of the world isn't that focused on San Francisco to know the secret club names and handshakes. 

While I don't agree with his aggressive approach, I agree with his sentiment that referring to San Francisco as San Fran shows AC slightly out of touch with the local west coast flavor. You very well could have used SF or eliminated the word "still" and written out the entire name. "you need to be in San Francisco to use it" is equally as long (short?), still gets the point across and shows that AC is not wholly out of touch with Silicon Valley.

Blame the editor, Jerry. He's out here enough times a year to know better...

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Wow look at all the panties in a bunch. San Fran works at shortening the name. Life is too short to get worked up over these things.

Blame sports if you want. You cannot make it 10 minutes into a game without hearing San Fran

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Last night my kid ran out of pull-ups and our keyboard broke on the computer. I ordered both items today at noon and they should be at my house between 6 and 9 tonight. It already saved me two trips! This is super cool.

The Nexus 7 comes from Office Depot and DodoCase is also a featured store. I'm not brave enough to make that kind of purchase, but I'm definitely going to try something when I get home.

Something more creative than groceries or supplies from, Target, Whole Foods or Walgreens... Perhaps a $15 tambourine from the Guitar Center to throw the delivery driver off when he has to go fetch that. Haha!

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And what container would they bring the items in? Or would we be charged the 10 cent paper bag fee too??

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When I bought some kitchen towels (target) and toilet papers (walgreens) via Google Shopping Express, they came with a tape-turned-into-carrying-handle attached to the product packaging.

I wonder if they deliver to Fremont? Lol I'm doubting they do... What's the point of me living in the Bay Area, but not close enough to The City to get free deliveries?!

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