Google+ changelog

If there was any doubt Google was taking Google+ seriously, let's put those fears to rest right now. Not only did their android app for Google+ come out in the Market only a few days ago, it's already seeing its first update to improve it even more.

The changelog is pretty scant, but multiple Gmail accounts was something plaguing folks from the start, and UI polish is always welcomed. Good job, Google. Now, invites for everyone!

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Got my invite from a tech-blogger on Twitter... formerly of Engadget . . . I like so far... I just need more people on board lol

sgitlin25 says:

invite me sgitlin at gmail dot com

lkadin says:

Can I get an invite too please?

I hate to openly beg for an invite but if someone could please send me one Id appreciate it a lot. bjbarnett at

I don't always beg people online.
But when I do, I beg for Google+ invite.
Stay Thirsty my friends!

Please send an invite this way: knoctsec at gmail dot com

alpreston3 says:

Dude, that was epic, lol.

monstermav1 says:

invite me please

therent says:

Got any invites left? :-)

fftlambert says:

If you would like more people, I would like an invite as well. Thank you.

jblake1030 says:

Can I get an invite

TheAndroid1 says:

Was it one of the people from thisismynext dot com (Topolsky/Miller/etc.) Just curious

sackofnoise says:

Well i though i would ask nicely too :) could anyone could invite me? PPLLEEEAAASSSEEEEE?

Thanks thanks thanks in advance :)

alpreston3 says:

Can I please get an invite, it would be much appreciated. alpreston3 (at) gmail (dot) com
Thanks In Advance.

ricketkm says:

Invite me please

gregg37 says:

Looking forward to checking it out. Keeping the app updated for the day an invite comes through.

BastiB says:

Send me your Gmail-adress and i will invite you.
PM only please!
Greetings from Germany

gregg37 says:

Thanks for the offer. PM's dont seem to work for me here.

sbtim says:

nerv62 (at)

Would appreciate it a lot, and send out more invites. Thanks.

sgt50 says:

No pm here. thanks

cerob says:

I can't seem to get PM's to work here, but I would love an invite

Impheatus says:

PM not working.

An invite please!

impheatus at gmail

Thanks, seriously!!

Mattb7 says:


alpreston3 says:

Can I please get an invite, it would be much appreciated. alpreston3 (at) gmail (dot) com
Thanks In Advance.

ZeroGPain says:

Loving it so far ^_^

GhostGregg says:

Would love and invite. I contribute and share quite a bit.

gjburwell at gmail dot com

I would love to try this out

BastiB says:

Send me your Gmail-adress and i will invite you.
PM only please!
Greetings from Germany

I can't PM you :(
it's not giving me any options to PM when i click ur user name.
please send an invite thru : knoctsec at gmail dot com.

haymond#AC says:

can't pm you for some reason invite please thanks

tdubb99#AC says:

if you are serious I would definitely appreciate it.

TuRtZiLLa says:

Can't send PM, could you send me an invite? floresma at gmail dot com! Thanks!

cjp85 says:

Greetings from Houston, Texas

My Gmail:

therent says:

Dont think my PM's are working either. if you can add me please.

rscott016 says:

rscott016 at gmail dot com

Would love an invite!!

balaji906 says:

u must be using chrome browser !!

Get a Google+ user to create a circle called “Invite”.
add people with Gmail accounts to that circle.
publish a post on their stream, and address it only to those in the “Invite” circle.
Those people will now receive an e-mail.
The recipient follows the link to “view or comment on this post”
You will now be asked to confirm your Google + account, and you’re in :)

GhostGregg says:

will you please add me then. GJBURWELL at gmail dot com i got an invite but it was in german and did not seem to work.

BrandonUofA says:

Can you please send me an invite?

onezerofive says:

me too, me too

jferro105 at

cjp85 says:

PLEASE send me an invite! :-)

If you're feeling generous, I would love for an invite to come my way.

jopeter86 at gmail dot com

alpinejag says:

It has actually had two updates already.

joggy says:

Neither has fixed the notif push bug. Huddle's push notif works, but Google+ push notifs don't seem to unless you actually have the app open.

Other than that, it's a neat app. Oh and they broke Huddle out into it's own app with this update it seems. Hopefully they'll turn on SMS next.

Joshua Munoz says:

Huddle was already it's own app prior to this update.

alpreston3 says:

Can I please get an invite to google+, it would be much appreciated. alpreston3 (at) gmail (dot) com
Thanks In Advance.

alpreston3 says:

Can I please get an invite to google+, it would be much appreciated. alpreston3 (at) gmail (dot) com
Thanks In Advance.

alpreston3 says:

Can I please get an invite to google+, it would be much appreciated. alpreston3 (at) gmail (dot) com
Thanks In Advance.

rawmustard says:

I had to uninstall and reinstall just so I could get my primary Google account signed in.

alpreston3 says:

Can I please get an invite to google+, it would be much appreciated. alpreston3 (at) gmail (dot) com
Thanks In Advance.

scuttlefield says:

FYI: This is actually the SECOND update to the Android app since they released it! I can't believe how good the app is already. FB could learn a thing or two!

alpreston3 says:

Can I please get an invite to google+, it would be much appreciated. alpreston3 (at) gmail (dot) com
Thanks In Advance.

AntiAppel says:

Can't pm you for some reason. Please sent an invite to

onezerofive says:

************ Can someone send me an invite *************
Please, please, please : )

jferro105 at

BrandonUofA says:

Can someone please send me an invite?

Thanks in advance!

rayhaanf says:

would appreciate an invite as well please

rayhaan (dot) farrelly (at)

cvmaas#AC says:


cjp85 says:

If you can read this, send me an invite por favor!

Thank you, and will invite people once I'm signed in.

cvmaas#AC says:


stsullivan says:

stevelsullivan at gmail dot com

cvmaas#AC says:


Josephq89 says:

i would like an "invite" as well, if this is hyped out to be better than facebook, who know what changes this may bring to other social networking companies, my email is

cvmaas#AC says:


cujoe says:

Been trying to get on board with this for a while ..

onezerofive says:

can you send me an invite as well? jferro105 at

RMSullivan says:

I would like a invite

nickrl says:

Im trying to invite people and for whatever reason everybody that got my invite says that the red button that takes you google+ is giving them a 404 error... Any ideas? trying to spread the love here

cujoe says:

Your the man for trying to spread the love .. great way to get google+ user base boosted.. i wonder why its giving a 404 error? >:( not cool

chinita279 says:

Invite please! I REALLY want to try it out! Thanks! n_n
villanueva.reina at

3.juan4 says: if anyone is nice enough :)

king71st says:

Can someone please invite me

gregg37 says:

boostedfe3 says:

heys guys ill take an invite please.

I'd be most appreciative to receive an invite!

lmloiselle at gmail dot com

PuterSaurus says:


Woodrow187 says:

Would love an invite!

engelstadconsulting (at)

Psj77 says:

Haha could someone send me an invite too? I would appreciate it so much!

monstermav1 says:

invite me please thanks

monstermav1 says:

Send me a invite please thanks so much

nickrl says:

Well folks not trying to burst your bubbles... But After many attempts and some googling it looks like all new invites are useless. Guess this got way outta control for a beta that was just to go to a few employees lol. I sent out several invites and there not getting any access at all. Tried backdooring two different ways and nothing works. Again... if someone knows how to, hit me up so we can get it going again... I hate Facebook and will do everything I can to help it end up like myspace.

pattavino says:

Facebook has gotten to gamey and boring. I dont post much cause I dont want all to see. I tried setting up groups but that is not the way to go either.

enosik says:

someone invite me please

pattavino says:

why on gods green earth would you post your email addresses for the world to spam? The funny part is that nobody has commented on the article. Other than this is the second update and not the first.

Also the errors people may be getting might be from google shuting down new members. I saw somewhere they stopped accepting new members at this time cause their beta program is full.

cjp85 says:

"why on gods green earth would you post your email addresses for the world to spam?"

Gmail will take care of us and the spammers. No need to worry. ;-)

monstermav1 says:

on there it says

Already invited? We've temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon

micklie says:

If you want a google+ invitation go to the frandroid's document ( and wait a user's invitation. Thanks ! It's Free !

Impheatus says:

Please invite me!

impheatus at gmail


mjneid says:

Would anyone mind sending me an invite.

neidlinger dot mj at gmail dot com

Tywone says:

Can I please get a invite

Anyone have invites left?

Thanks in advance!

etnpnys says:

anybody with open invites left?

angec758 says:

Can someone please send me an

Thank you

matrixdriver says:

I'll help the beta cause!!! Invite me PLEASE!!!!

bpg109 says:

Yeah if anyone is going around giving invites i'd love it! Greatly appreciated.

JGreenwood says:

Hey guys, I would very much appreciate an invite if it's not too much to ask. My email address is Help me out so we can get this going! :)

Unibrow says:

dtarling78 at to anyone that has any invites they'd love to share. =)

Drider#AC says:

Invite me please

Could someone please invite me...

spm903 says:

Invite please

gtg465x says:

Wow. This is pitiful. If you want invites, I suggest private messaging a couple people in your favorite forum. Posting your email addresses here is just asking to get placed on spam mailing lists and it's cluttering everything up for those of us who would actually like to see comments about the article.

No, I will not send you an invite. Do not ask.

cjp85 says:

Wow, what a dickish comment.
Can you send me an invite!? ;-)

Impheatus says:

Please send me an invite!

screwyou at gmail

kingofthe718 says:

if anybody would be willing to send a invite, it would be most awesome of you :-)

sooner22 says:

bindee says:

bindernate(at)gmail(dot)com if anyone has invites left! much appreciated :)

dvs1j#IM says:

I would love an invite to this if any invites are still there :(

zantopad says:

STOP requesting invites, clearly the service is not accepting any new invites at this time. Just wait for a bigger roll-out or official launch. I can see a lot of people are anxious to try this out, myself included, but this thread is ridiculous.

Impheatus says:

Is this kind of invitation still workin?
I think Google has fixed it.

rpankoe says:

It's posted elsewhere that invites are working again if someone has one that they could spare, I'd appreciate one at rpankoe(at)gmail(.)com THANKS!!

Impheatus says:

I tried. Still not working for me at least.

facedown41 says:

Please I would love an invite.

redhawk24 says:

Send me an invite!

Luckie says:

If someone has a spare invite, I'd love one.

heathroi says:

Coming from iOS, this sadness reminds me of apple's whipping everyone into a lather about new stuff. On the positive side, Google+ has made Facebook move their ass and fix its junk. Groups, which never worked on any mobile (for me anyway), now shows up perfectly.

Roly21 says:

I'm keeping the Google+ app updated in the hope that I get an invite.

If anyone would be so kind as to send me an invite I'd very much appreciate it.

Please PM me if you'd be so kind as to send an invite my way and I'll give you my email address.



Tywone says:

Please send me a invite

Jonouchy says:

May i please get an invite, i would be more than happy ti invite more people once i'm on board Jonouchy7 at gmail dot com

chris.mi77er says:


sharkydad10 says:

an invite would be greatly appreciated if anyone has any

jazzyfizzle says:

please send me an invite at lukeyluke7 at gmail dot com

May I have an invite please? Thank you!

chrys7 says:

Can i please get an invite as well

chryst7 (at) gmail (dot) com

DrDew87 says:

Could I get an invite as well if possible. Thank you.

iamfuze says:

May I please get an invite thrown my way?

nomad1919 says:

An invite would be awesome. Thank you in advance.

Wicell says:

I'd love an invite please and thank you. at

fsv57 says:

I would greatly appreciate an invite:
fvigliucci at

fsv57 says:

I would greatly appreciate an invite:
fvigliucci at

busyb1 says:

Place please please! I have searched high and low for someone to receive an invite from! Gotta have it!

luckazn7 says:

please invite. would appreciate an invite

eng.kevin at

sflyer17 says:

R.scott.beveridge (at) gmail (dot) com also is begging for an invite!

amoughnieh says:

Hi Please invite me, my email is amoughnieh (at) gmail (dot) com

thank you in advance

da513young1 says:

Invite me too please

If anyone could give me an invite to Google+, it'd be greatly appreciated:

testmail001 says:

I see this turned into Google+ invite-begging thread.
So without further ado: Please send me an invite at the.rad.x @ obvioushost.

teryfunk says:

and i'll just keep the begging going ;)
can someone help me out too?
teryfunk at gmail dot com

dvdgab says: would like an invite. I need to get into willy wonka's factory and need a golden looks like I got an invite but when I tried to log on it wouldn't work if anyone can help with this problem I would be more than happy to pay it fwd.

astoriacub says:

I would love an invite. ebatchelor72 at gmail dot com

Aziraphale says:

Even though the folks at the Plex put a hold on allowing in new people, even if they have an invite, I'd love to get my hands on one so I can jump in as soon as they open it up further! I can't wait to say 'buh-bye' to Facebook!

jakwong42 (at) g mail (dot) com Thanks!!