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A small update has been pushed out for Google Search today. Besides the obligatory bug fixes (fix all the bugs!) we should expect to see two new features — train and bus reminders from your Gmail reservations, and changes to flight cards that bring information about alternatives when there is a delay. The app is updating in typical trollout fashion, but it's worth checking to see if you hit the new-app lottery.


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Google Search update brings train and bus reminders and new flight card updates to Google Now


Nice updates ...but would really like google now to pick up on flight reminders from calendar entries and not just from gmail

i just forward them from my business email to my gmail. no problem. or in the case of the weirdo agent that insisted on sending me shitty scanned pdfs... I'd just go to the airline and resend the confirmation to my gmail directly. I love the flight cards.

That's a good idea, but I'm sure there's many professionals like myself that could get in big trouble for forwarding business emails to any personal email account. So I'm hoping it picks up calendar events soon too.

I work in IT and see zero reason any company would have a problem with you forwarding your flight reservation to a personal account... there's no proprietary information in the email. Tell your company they are stupid if they don't allow this... haha

Got it. Seeing how I don't fly, ride the bus, nor take trains....Will be a while before I see any of those cards.

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Got this update and a YouTube update about a hour ago. Was hoping the update to YouTube would have had offline playback but nope...

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I doubt it'll happen. Google Now is easy enough to access by swiping up from the bottom of the screen that I doubt the widget is a priority for all that many people.

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Maybe, maybe not. Google Now works best when you don't have to do anything to "access" it, which is why it works so well on Android Wear. I would love to have GNow on my lockscreen.

If I actually liked or used public transportation then I'd feel a bit left out by all of these Now and Maps updates that are public transportation-centric. I don't think I live within 150 miles of public transportation.