Google Search and Google Now update

Android's Google Search app just got a pretty good update, and that means we've got new features for Google Now as well.

Of note are improvements for travelers. If Google Now knows you're going somewhere (and there's a pretty good chance it will), it'll show you weather information for your destination. And if you're flying on United Airlines, you'll even be able to get to your boarding pass right from Google Now. (Of course, that might be the least of your worries on UA.)

Voice search is beefed up, too -- it can listen for a song playing in the background, find product info and post to Google+, all without typing a thing.

Hit the link above to get your update on.

Source: Google Android blog

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putertech says:

Outstanding, now if I could only get JB on my LTEVO

still1 says:

I have no problems with that on my Nexus 4. :-)

nice updated. i love it. Google now and search is getting better..

Channan says:

But have you had any problems connecting to Sprint's network? I bet putertech hasn't.

mhmmdy123 says:

I have Sprint Galaxy S3 and connecting perfect to their network, Google now working really good in my area too.

svinyard says:

CM10 man

hmmm says:

Yeah, CM 10 for the EVO LTE is really good. Better than stock Jelly Bean (4.1). Once it is updated to 4.2 it will be even better.

JobiWan144 says:

With you, man. Look in the XDA forums to see how to get Google Now on the EVO with ICS. I wouldn't be surprised if you just have to root (no bootloader unlocking required). It's baked into the ROM I'm running, MeanROM ICS. No connection to the Play Store, though, so no automatic updates.

Jomix24 says:

I was becoming impatient too, so I just rooted it and put CM10 on it. The only downfall is that I no longer have Beats Audio™.

AeonZeroX says:

I agree good sir i sort of want to try out some of these new Google Search improvements. ..Sigh.. miss that from the old GSM Galaxy Nexus

tmitche2 says:

Sounds really cool, but a last, I'm still on Ginger bread for another month of this contract. :)

mstrblueskys says:

The New permissions also include the ability to take pictures and video?! What does that mean? What does google want to take pictures of?

lebronflames says:

It now allows a "Search from Camera" option directly from Google Now

heat3610 says:

It works like Google goggles,if you take a picture of a famous place such as a museum it will give you a card about that specific museum.

mstrblueskys says:

So... can I get rid of google goggles now?

icebike says:

It also asks for un-fettered access to your mic for any reason without so much as a by-your-leave.

In theory, this could be really abused. With this ability, and your granting it permission, a simple warrant would force google to allow wire-taping you by use of your cell phone.

How bout an opt-in for that feature, or a beep any time the mic is hot?
Verizon much?

Ok, Doc called and said its time for me to take my meds...

cjbrigol says:

No you're right that is kinda creepy. Surprised it wasn't mentioned.

Google is playing the voice assistant thing much smarter than Apple is by having Google Search in the Play Store. They can just update it there and every device can update right then and there. Siri has to be updated via an entire iOS update.

Small_law says:

You've hit on something that Google has learned but is still lost on Apple: waiting to update core apps with system updates is a bad thing. Being able to push updates to GMail, Calendar, etc. gives Google greater flexibility, not only for bug fixes, but also for features.

oscarnyc says:

Would making the apps separate open up the possibility of 3rd party defaults for those functions? Cause Apple will never do that.

Shadowriver says:

What do you mean? APIs? Apple give APIs too to there app... at least they can :>

oscarnyc says:

not to mention it is substantially better. Apple taking on Google in search (and maps) was not a smart idea.

Small_law says:

Word. Apple is at heart a design company. It designs the devices and OS and let's the market fill in the rest. Apple is not a great services company. Every time Apple tries to create services, it struggles. Mobile Me, Ping, even consumer ambivalence toward iCloud.

oscarnyc says:

yes. but what I was getting it is that by making search (which is what Siri is, essentially) the main point of interaction with the phone, Apple took the fight onto Google's turf. No one parses data better than Google, and I don't see that changing for a generation at least. It is almost impossible for me to see how the mobile market works out any differently than PCs, with Apple just being a niche player.

Google Now just keeps getting cooler. I can't wait to get Jelly Bean and actually try it out!

Small_law says:

you can now ask "what song is playing" and it will tell you. Nice!

Insp_Gadget says:

Love it!

Big Z says:

Before this update i couldn't figure out why google now was not working on my galaxy nexus. Now, In my settings it says "Google now is turned off for your domain. Your admin may be able to turn it on."

Can anybody shed some additional light on this? I have a google apps account from my under graduate school. Is this something I can switch on or is out of my control?

qualutions says:

Did you ever get a resolution to this

edmicman says:

Can we get NCAA sports scores yet?

hmmm says:

How long until a Google+ account is required to use Google Now?

icebike says:

Probably 1 week before the congressional investigation. ;-)

so do I not need google goggles anymore??

Insp_Gadget says:

Well, it can read product labels and barcodes. I haven't tried it on any landmarks yet, but it's a good bet that this replaces Goggles.

maverick7526 says:

The what song is this feature works great.
Google knows how to make great search even better

My question is this. Has the call feature improved? Before I got Jelly Bean I could call any business by simply saying "CALL" and state the business name city and state and it would automatically start dialing. Now when I say any business it barely comes up or brings up some random contact in my phone. It's useless "now". I have to web search to get the listing. This was one of my favorite android/google search features. And now its sucks.

seldnplan says:

Meant to reply here, but it works now. 'Call Cuban Revolution Providence' puts through a call to, well, Cuban Revolution in Providence!

tigeryee says:

I think Google now should be available for earlier versions of Android too without having to install custom roms. Don't get me wrong, I love them, I just think more people should get to experience what I have

HeCareth says:

The framework in versions older than 4.0 just cannot handle the newer software Chrome, Google Now, etc. It would probably suck if they tried.

I'm sure many phones still on Gingerbread are owned by people who are getting ready to update, since their contract is about to expire. So this could start to change soon.

netstars22 says:

I've tried the "what song is playing?" feature out. Works great (have only tested a handful of songs out, though). Literally, after saying "What song is playing?", it launches an interface within Voice Search just for songs.

Tietherope says:

It just gives me search results for Shazam. I have no clue how to get it working.

Maybe it's because I'm in Canada?

fraincs says:

Yes no luck in Canada... was the same with WP7 in fact I had to set up my phone as if I was in the US

radiohawk says:

I'm guessing I'm the proverbial "red headed stepchild" when it comes to this "feature" called Now... but for my part it's way too intrusive. Trusting corporate america has become way to acceptable, and has transitioned into too many businesses requesting, and in technology companies' cases, requiring - more info than is healthy to give up.

My kids have now grown into the mindset that it's what it takes to survive in today's world. For my part, it's just sad that so many people willingly give up this info for free.


radiohawk says:

(steps down from the soapbox just in time, as it seems to have grown from it's own volition to a dizzying height)

Synycalwon says:

Google Now keeps getting creepier. I was never comfortable with the web search and location history stuff it needs to work, so disabled it on my Nexus 7 (still on 4.1.2! Works great thank you very much!). Also, recently disabled it on my new Note 2. Not missing any needed functionality otherwise. Now, they've added more permission requests? Nice try, but no thanks Google, you've got enough info on me without me willingly giving you more. :::adjusting tin foil hat:::

btgrave says:

United Airlines FTW!!!

seldnplan says:

This seems to work now. I just asked it to call Domino's and it prepared to call the nearest Domino's.

mmark27 says:

Post to Twitter seems to work as well, but not Post to Facebook. Not sure if this is new or not, I think it is.

flychinook says:

Is anybody else having problems getting google now to search for and play music? It used to auto-play what you searched for, but now it gives a selection box for which media player I want to use... Isn't that why I have a default set, to avoid this?