OK Google — show me the Google Search update

Make no mistake, Google Now is the future of Android. What we see in the Nexus 5 and Google Glass updates tells us as much, and what we're hearing around the rumor mill fits right in. Google is going all-in with Google Now and their slightly creepy but informative and useful contextual style of pre-search, or whatever you want to call it.

As predicted, an update to the Google Search app today makes it even better. A new Website update card will bring you the latest blog post from a site like Android Central (yes, we really dig that one), the improved News topic card will keep you informed on the news you care about, as determined by the news you search for on the mighty Goog, and the What to watch card will give you recommendations of things you'll not want to miss on the boob tube.

Of course, you'll need to update your Google Search app to see any of this, and as usual it's a gradual rollout ( I like to call it a #trollout) and chances are you won't see it right away. And no, this doesn't cure baldness or erectile dysfunction. But it will help you keep track of the things you're interested in on the web and on the telly. Try your update luck at the Google Play link above.

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Google Search update brings new features and new cards to Google Now


Why no update on brand new nexus five yet? I thought I get treated the bestest and we come first.

Posted via Android Central App

Haha I know. I was being sarcastic. Just a little troll on how people sound sometimes. Sounds like a good update though!

Posted via Android Central App

Did you even read my last comment? Its sarcasm. I know it rolls out in stages and I know I have to be patient. Man take a joke! Lol

Posted via Android Central App

Yay, another Google update, that I will literally be the last human in the world to receive.

Posted via Android Central App on OG Nexus 7

Me either and oddly enough I just got the G+ update. Something must be problematic with hangouts rollout. None of my devices have got it.

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk

I am surprise that a Nexus 4 user hasn't gotten the update yet. I got mine on Note 3 a week ago. I am still not getting used to seeing SMS on Hangout app, especially those from local government weather and traffic alerts. But it makes so much easier for keeping track of conversation between people.

I wasn't a fan. It came on my Nexus 5. The interface is so complicated. Sending a simple text is a pain, trying to find a contact is so frustrating.

Not only that but it splits up your hangouts from your other messages, not recognizing that it's from the same person and eating up your space.

It's also very paired down. Extremely limited functionality.

I went back to Go SMS Pro until Hangouts catches up. It's light years ahead of SMS over Hangouts.

Same here, It's been what? A week since the hangouts update came out officially? I thought I would have gotten it by now..

Hangouts, Kit-Kat for N7/N10/N4, Google Now update.

Then my devices will be ready to go!

They are increasing the features in Google Now to launch the Google watch. Where with a glance at your watch will not only bring you the time of day also ETA for your time home. This is where Google is so far above the competition...

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Short change Jerry.

If you search for it there might just be a card that will pop-up one day and help you with that....

The update also allows you to use the "swipe for Google Now" functionality on the Google Experience Launcher for people without a Nexus 5. I've tried it out on my 4.3 Nexus 4, and the Launcher now works perfectly.

I hope this is right. I personally love that feature on the Nexus 5, and I just installed "Launcher 3" on my Nexus 7 after last night's update to 4.4

Edit: After getting the search update, I installed the GEL launcher on the Nexus 7 and there is no longer a keyboard popup bug. This is great!

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I can confirm that. After installing this launcher, all I had to do was install the home launcher that was released a few days ago, and now the launcher runs perfectly on my stock HTC One. Sweet!!!

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Maybe they'll release the GEL on the Play store now... And maybe, just maybe, they've held off because of bugs like the shutdown issue with the SGS4 that Jerry described below!

You guys Google and find the apk you don't have to wait for Google to update it

Posted via Android Central App

Word of warning.

I installed the "leaked" version floating around to see what it did to the stock launcher on the S4. It does nothing more than described above, except shut the phone down when I scroll down in Google Now.

There's a reason Google uses many different version apks for different devices, and why we won't spread them around.

Yeah just tried the leaked one on my Note 2 and installed the launcher apk to get the GEL and it did nothing but force close the settings app and it also shut the phone down when I was in Google Now. Had to roll it back. I am still on stock 4.1 touchwiz however so not a surprise.

So where caught up to apples version that Google gave them yeah

Posted via Android Central App via bad azz VZW LG G2 ROOTED!

Sweet the update BRICKED Google now my N5! Good job Google..........

I don't know if it was Google servers that were down, but it's working now! Yeaaaa!

Posted via Android Central App

With the "gradual"ness of the Hangouts and QuickOffice updates, I'm expecting this to show up around New Year's on my Droid Maxx

Posted via Android Central App

Quickoffice was going thru staggered update rollouts too? Is there something new and impressive about the latest? Only reason I even first installed it was to get the free 10GB on my Google account (which just kinda showed up later, with no notification whatsoever, no clue if it took a month like they suggested or what).

A bit off topic, sorry. Some of my cards are no longer working (not due to this update) - one example is Amazon shipping notices. Used to work like a charm. Now nothing. Something to reset? Any ideas? Sorry and thanks

Don't Panic - Posted via Android Central App

Amazon quit sending tracking numbers in their shipping confirmation emails. I noticed this yesterday.

Sucks how I'm still waiting for me to get the Hangouts update. Hope this Search update doesn't take forever to reach me.

I still have no use for Google now. All it has ever done for me when I've tried it is suck down my battery faster. Can anyone tell me what useful purpose I might have for Google now?

Posted via Android Central App

Well, when you're in a new place it tells you what the weather is, without having to look out of the window

And you can now shout 'OK Google, show me gay porn' in a crowded room and piss off a decent percentage of the crowd!

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Somewhat off this topic, but on the topic of Google updating it's apps, I just received an update which blew me away...Google+ now creates video highlights for each day, exactly like HTC baked into the One with the Zoes. Going to make it so much easier to move away from my One when I upgrade now that this feature is on every Android device.

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My Nexus 5 just shipped and the only people in my life who care are on here so.... yeah. I need new friends.

Now when I say "Ok Google" I have to worry about my N7 and my Moto X doing the same thing....#firstworldprobz

This fixes issues with the GEL as well. It works perfectly with my Kit Kat Nexus 7 AMD adds the transparency on the home screen. No more keyboard bug and Google Now works perfectly. This makes up for the crummy AOSP launcher. It was so disappointing to see that the AOSP launcher wasn't updates compared to the GEL. At least now you can sideload the GEL and it works right. I wouldn't be surprised if they place the GEL in the Play store soon. At least for Nexus devices.

Posted via Android Central App

I thought this update would allow for follow up questions like the "text jennifer" "which jennifer?" example?? That's the update most people need, not tv show recommendations.

Yeah that'd be great. Was trying it last week on the N5 and it is a bit of a letdown when you ask it to navigate somewhere and it displays a list of options and you have to stop the car and operate it manually to continue.

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And they still didn't re-add the ability to download images from search. Completely disappointed.

Posted via Android Central App

It's on the Nexus 7 2013 WiFi model after flashing the (real) 4.4 update and installing the Google Home apk.

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I don't know what fixed what, but I finally installed a 4.3 update that's been sitting on my notification bar for weeks. Google Search also updated. Whichever of those fixed the Bluetooth keyboard issue, THANK YOU.

But, to be on topic... Yeah, so got the new Google Search with the jazzy new Google Now on the Nexus 7... and HOLY CRAP it is listening to me. If you say "OK Google" it pulls up Google Now. For some reason, I thought that was a feature specific to certain phones. No no no, my friends... your tablet or whatever else gets this update is listening to you.

Posted via Android Central App

The Moto X listens even with the screen off. On other devices "OK Google" only works when you have the screen on and the device unlocked.

Super so every time I say a bad word or talk about something bad or wrong it's being logged somewhere. All I need now is the new xbox one to watch me 24-7 and I'll be under full time surveillance.

Posted via Android Central App

I read somewhere that custom launchers can be the cause of that feature not working.

Posted via Android Central App

OK Google works for me And this update is wonderful. I can't wait to see more advancements

Posted via Android Central App

English is the 1st or 2nd language approx. for 9% of people in the world. For not native English speakers or for people who do not speak English at all (91% of human population!) this feature that is positioning as one of the most attractive things in the new Android concept is absolutely useless.

Has anyone heard why Google since the birth of Google Now service do not support other languages?
Or were there any announces for support other languages?

So guys, do you think the Google Now app sucks a lot of battery power? I turned mine off because of some forums suggesting it was a power sucker.

The new search app came in this morning but crashes on opening it on the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 WiFi/3G tried to revered back to the stock search app however after a machine reboot the auto update sets it back to version 3... Hope Google will fix this error soon as I'm not able to use the search function on my tablet...

Got the update this morning. It seems unless you live in USA and/or you change your language to English (us) there's barely anything changed.

Like a lot of Android updates over the last year, most of them are vastly over hyped and not really worth the 1000's of hours that have gone into their development. Apart from improved reliability and user accounts, there's really nothing I miss when I use my old ICS phone instead of the 4.3 devices I have.

This is almost entirely a U.S. only app. I can't find any of those new features in my update.

Posted via Android Central App

does the phone have to be 'awake' to respond to OK Gooogle? my Note II has to have the screen lit up with Google Now cards in view.... seems silly if i have to launch it to have it wait for voice commands...

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