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OK Google hotword now enabled for French and German

A quick heads up that a new Google Search update is pushing out through the Play Store that brings a few welcome new features for folks on Android 4.1 and above. One of the bigger ones is that the "OK Google" hotword for voice search is now enabled for folks speaking French and German.

We also now get traffic incident alerts for our routes in Google Now, as well as support for Cricket – presumably in a similar format to how Google Now handles other sports. Perfect to keep up with the impending T20 World Cup. Snag the latest version at the Play Store link up top.

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Jaysus says:

What is "set reminders for chains"?

one80oneday says:

Reminds you to wear your Mr. T gold chains

Jaysus says:

Like I would ever take them off?!?! ;)

codemonkey85 says:

I would like to know as well! I heard it has to do with reminders for retail chains (as opposed to reminders for only specific store locations), but I'm not so sure.

Insp_Gadget says:

I think they mean location-based reminders for something like a chain of stores. For example, if you set a location-based reminder to remind you of something when you get to Target, you can set it for "Target All locations" instead of being forced to select only a specific address.

Coopsdm says:

Disappointed there's no support for UK county cricket teams yet. Hope they add this in time for the start of the new season.

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ACADM says:

I got the update but can't find the Cricket T20 World Cup.

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vansmack says:

Just search for it in Google and it will appear in time.

cferthorney says:

Me too! At least it has started to add Cricket though. Better than nothing!

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ACADM says:

There's also a 'Personalised Recognition' section in the Voice Settings which I haven't noticed before, is that new?

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sprint4lyfe says:

Not new.

Aidan Byrne says:

Ever since I updated it, Google Search doesn't work. It won't even allow me to type in anything. It just crashes.

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bigtank says:

Cricket? No one understands Cricket. You gonna know what a crumpette is to understand Cricket!!!

Phill360 says:

Can google please AFL added as it our biggest sport in Australia.

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marksimon322 says:

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Mark Simon