Besides the LG Viper 4G, Sprint will be getting at least nine other devices that run Google Wallet by years end, says Google's VP of Wallet and Payments Osama Bedier. During the Mobile Money: Delivering Innovative Mobile Payment Services panel in Barcelona during Mobile World Congress 2012, Bedier said Sprint will introduce "at least 10 additional phones" with support for Google Wallet this year. He also added that Google is still negotiating with other operators, manufacturers, and potential financial partners to broaden the reach of Wallet in the US.

With 22 of the largest retail chains in the US supporting Wallet purchases at over 300,000 MasterCard PayPass terminals, Google has a big head start. But that's no guarantee that the service will become the standard, as competitor Isis sets up to begin trials later this year. Isis already has the partners -- HTC, LG, Motorola Mobility, Research In Motion, Samsung and Sony have committed to building devices that support Isis, and Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, Chase, CapitolOne and Barclaycard have partnered with them as well. That is going to be tough to compete against. With recent security issues plaguing Google Wallet, a partnership with Sprint alone may not be enough to keep the project afloat. We'll have to wait and see who can deliver a product that consumers want, and more importantly, a new technology that consumers will adopt.

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Google says they are expanding Wallet to 10 new Sprint devices in 2012


Would be true if apple actually had one in the works. But no one has talked or leaked that. It'll come down to GW and ISIS. But I'm sticking to GW since vzw gets enough of money every month. And Google gets me this awesome os.

Dear Google - if you want to become the de facto standard in mobile commerce you have to get the technology into people's hands and give them a chance to use it. that's how you get and maintain the lead and the first mover advantage. that's how you get to critical mass and become the standard. dicking around with Verizon with an exclusive on the G-Nex was not a very bright way to do it - it was dumb short term thinking which gave competitors like ISIS time to beat you. next time release the Nexus on ALL U.S. carriers simultaneously and immediately and don't do a dumb exclusive with a carrier that is working against you in mobile commerce. next time see the forest through the trees. there's a bigger picture here.

do you hear me Rubin???????????????

I bet Rubin's face turned into a lollipop when Verizon announced they were coming out with their own mobile payment system.


I would be willing to bet that Verizon just saw its LAST Nexus device.

This was an ambush clear and simple. Google was lead down a path to a mugging, and I'm not at all sure Samsung's hands were clean in all of this.

ISIS has been known for a while. Sprint may only get it out the box, but AT&T unlocked GNexs can get it. And a very simple trick at xda can get it in the market with updates for the vzw GNex. If Google cared they would fix the loopholes.


It's the same shit they pulled with Google+. Make it open to a few, everyone then loses interest, and then you're left with no demand.

It's amazing how these guys have some of the brightest minds in technology yet they can't see how "exclusives" are damaging their product brand and popularity.

At this point, these "exclusive" deals are starting to drive me away from Android. I don't want software that gives options only to certain users. If my phone has the technology, why can't I also have Google Wallet? (yes, there are workarounds but I'd rather do it the supported way when it comes to an app that deals with my credit cards)

You can't have Google wallet because of your carrier. Google would be more than happy to have it preinstalled, but vzw, T-Mobile, and AT&T have invested too much money into ISIS. They would never allow GW to be installed. Sprint looks like the good guy in my eyes, they are letting the best one win.

So basically the few people who have those phones on Sprint and have Mastercard can use the service. I can really see this taken off huge! Not. You can't even add money to a prepaid card anymore and they are worried about expanding to Sprint phones?

Bring it to Canada already!
That 10$ is just sitting in there waiting for me to use it but can't yet!

Funny you mention that. I got my 10 bucks on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. I recently added Wallet to my TMo Nexus S and it gave me another 10 bucks...

With Google's whole privacy issues and sharing data between services I can't imagine too many companies are eager to get in bed with Google right now for something like this.

go to the front page and read Jerry's article on the whole privacy policy. You need some education.

As for the whole google wallet thing... unfortunately i think they waited too long and their time to get into the #1 spot is gone. If they would have hit it hard and fast when NFC was first released, it would have been amazing. I think the tech itself will have a HUGE future however there are a lot of competitors (including VISA themselves now) and i just dont think google reacted quick enough to capture the market share.

And ONLY being officially on sprint (who is arguably the network with the least amount of new superphones) which is one of the smaller networks, just isnt going to cut it.

It doesn't matter what Google says or does. It is the perception of them that matters. And right now they do not have a good image going to the public. The general public sees them as an evil privacy invading company that is evading privacy measures in browsers like safari and IE. They want no part of that.

The app isn't even 100 percent working yet after all the security flaws were found and they are going to announce more phones that will support their broken app. Is there anything Google will ever release that won't be in a perpetual state of non repair?

I agree that it's crucial to get Wallet on more phones but I think the biggest problem I've run in to is just that not many places have the NFC reader. Not to mention that I tried it at Best Buy and the lady looked at me like I was an idiot and said, "Oh yeah, that doesn't work". The local Gas America has theirs turned off on purpose.

Apple releases 1 phone a year. Sprint alone is getting at minimum TEN Android phones this year, which is almost 1/4th over. Good GOD. Less is more, people.

I completely disagree, Apple needs to release more phones a year. I would think you want at least 6 phones a year (two of each about a half year apart of a standard phone of the style the Nexus and iPhones are, one with a slide out keyboard, and a specialty phone (rugged with long battery life (think phone version of a toughbook), green/energy-efficient, BlackBerry/Palm Pre form, something else)). That way people have choice of what exactly they want in a phone and not just Apple's "choice" of how outdated they want their phone to be.

Totally true!! The iphone is a "one-size fits all" kind of phone. But in a world of so many people with different uses for phones that can't hold true. It's really all about choices.

Um...no. Absolutely not! If they did that their image would be destroyed (and that's how they make their money). People would look at iPhones just like they look at Android, over saturated. Yes, choice is great, which is why I have an Android, but for people who like to have decisions made for them, iPhone users would be turned off.

Not really. Their "image" has always been the same for the past decade or so. It doesn't ruin their image by having both the Mac Book Air and the Mac Book Pro (and in three sizes too), so having several "lines" of iPhones geared for specific use wouldn't hurt their image either so long as they decided upfront that they want a specific number of "lines" (say a large screen, normal, and "outdoors rugged") and then they made sure to stay consistent with the purpose of each line then they would still have the image and be able to offer choice beyond "Do you want black or white, and new or outdated?"

If they did this, you'd never get an update to your OS (sound familiar?) and the product quality would drop drastically (sound familiar?).

I would rather use Google Wallet instead of ISIS. I already use a ton of other google products. And since I don't have to have a citi mastercard to use it......it just seems like the best product to use. Hopefully they allow people who had pre-paid cards to add money soon.

ISIS has my vote as it seems to have more support behind it. I used Wallet with the prepaid card (even added $20 to it) and all I can say is I'm tired of McDonalds. And don't need anything from CVS.

Truth be told, I just wish the U.S. would catch up with the rest of the world and start using the friggin' Chip-and-PIN cards already!

How about expanding Google Wallet to more then just Citi Cards? That would be a nice start...

While we're at it let me reactivate my freaking prepaid card would you? I've got money on it and no way to get to it.......

F Google Wallet. They don't seem to be making an effort to fix prepaid card, so that tells me that they are not putting any focus into this app or system

I will go to isis as soon as it launches unless Google gets their shit together.

Otherwise bye bye Wallet.