Google's Q2 2013 earnings are in, and the earnings call itself is just minutes away. The big strokes:

  • Revenue was up 19 percent over the second quarter of 2012 at $14.11 billion.
  • On the advertising side, cost per click fell about 6 percent over Q2 2012.
  • Motorola saw $998 million in revenue but still had an operating loss of $342 million.
  • Google reported $54.4 billion in cash on hand.
  • Headcount fell from 53,891 as of March 31 to 44,777 as of June 30.

Google's stock closed Thursday at 910.68, down 7.87.

Be sure to join us for the earnings call and live chat!

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Google's Q2 2013 earnings are in — revenue up 19 percent


Not bad. if they could turn around motorola to profit it would be more awesome.
hoping for Moto X and Droid

To be honest it doesn't matter what they announce. Their stock was going to lose some value no matter what, that being said I'm sure the event next week will bring it back up in no time.

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Cost per click declined, I didn't see that AdWords revenue declined.

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Sorry I mispoke, when I was doing ecommerce, AdWords was directly related to CPC, thought it still was...

Far as I'm concerned, increase in revenue is never a good thing. That's money that's coming out of our pockets, one way or another.

And a loss of over 9,000 jobs is never a good thing, especially in this economy. It's usually the little guys, while the big guys who are running the company into the ground (not saying Google is) are getting bigger paychecks.

And Motorola still losing money. A company getting closer and closer to bankruptcy means lots of people out of jobs. Hey, I got an idea: cut some jobs, starting with the guys at the top.