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Google Play's 25-cent promotional sale has gone into its final day with a handful of new apps and games that are just about as good as free. Topping the list are:

Check out our list of Android apps from the first four days below! Many of them have had their prices knocked back up to normal, but maybe you'll luck out. Oh, and be sure to leave a comment if you find any others that are on sale. 

Did you guys find anything newly on sale today? Any favorites?


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Google's final day of 25-cent apps features Horn, Nova Launcher Prime, Air Control and more


I past on Horn becuase of some of the bugs reported in the reviews. Glad I did now, I've maybe spent $7 on all the apps I got over the past 5 days.

FML. I just paid full price for nova launcher a few days ago (when it was updated) but ended up switching back to Nova...

Not into launchers too much, but got Nova Launcher Prime. It is a great looking launcher, and for a quarter, it wouldn't hurt owning.

Have had Nova running on my phone for a few months now, phenomenal launcher. I recommend getting the JB add-on, just upgraded that last night.

Buying Nova now, can you add switches to the drop down notification bar? That is the one thing I would really like on my GN.

The drop down notification bar can only be modified by installing a different rom. There are however apps which will create a permanent notification entry (not at the very top of the notifications) that can have toggles like you want.

Even though I have a custom rom installed which has notification toggles, I still use SwitchPro Widget(has some toggles that I need), which does create a permanent notification entry like i mentioned above. You might want to try that out if you aren't going to install a custom rom.

Some apps are not compatible for me, but I want them for later! Any one have any advice? I tried editing my build.prop, I can't get it to work...

Google wallet appears to be broken......I can't finish the transaction

This is what it say :

"Uh oh. There was a problem."

"We couldn't start your purchase because of a technical issue."

I have 4 Android device (Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Tab 10.1, EVO 3D & Droid X) and Horn is incompatible with each! WTF is it compatible with?

That's about as rational as never taking your phone off the charger because it's a bummer that the battery charge will go down. What's the point of having internal storage or batteries if we don't... you know..use them?
I have to believe that you knew the amount of storage space going into the purchase.
I'm kinda just messing with you...but seriously.. ;-)

Nova, Horn, and also smart tools. Distance calculation is kinda cool! Maybe ill have a look at batman and gravity guy, but i'll sleep on those ;)

Great Big War Game, Nova Prime, and Sketchbook Pro for my Note 10.1 :)

I think I'm gonna throw in a quarter for Smart Tools as well.


Only sad I didn't pull the trigger on Mini Motor Racing. Oh well.

I've picked up Mass Effect Infiltrator, Madden NFL 12,The Dark Knight Rises, Horn, and Great Big War Game this week.

For the cost of a bag of chips

Been a good week

Rules for Direct Carrier Billing are posted here:

All of the following must be true for you to see carrier billing as an option:

You must be using your carrier’s network (3G/4G), not wireless.
You must purchase from Google Play on your device, not on the web.
You must be in good standing with your carrier and have not exceeded your carrier’s cap on monthly spending.
Your device/service plan must be opted in for premium content purchases.
Your device must be provisioned for use with direct carrier billing.
If you’re sure you meet the above qualifications but still don’t see carrier billing as an option, or for questions about monthly spending caps, opting in to premium content purchases and device provisioning, you’ll need to contact your mobile carrier.

just dont use carrier billing. ATT is greedy and any purchase you make they get a cut.. I hate giving such things to carriers. let the developers and google get it for the wonderful service,

Is smart tool worth it? I know its only $.25 cents but there's no point if its really inaccurate. Please let me know. Just bought batman and nova prime. Didn't think it mattered on my stock nexus but wow! The extra customization is sweet!

I bought it... It's almost as good as free and can come in handy. Got a nifty flashlight and magnification tool, compass, level etc.

It got it too and it works fine. The distance tool that use the camera is not that accurate, bit the lever, flash light and the noise level detector works great. I am happy with my purchase. I would recommend buying this app while it's on sale.

Sketchbook Pro & Nova Prime for me !
That plus Mini Motors, Mass Effect, HD Widgets & Paper Camera for this sale !

I was hoping for more stuff though (music players to be honest, since Google Music sucks) ... there's always the next sale :)

I wish there was an easy way to buy apps if they are incompatible. I would buy Nova Launcher for the future when I do get 4.0+

This may be a pain, but I think Google needs to be even more strict with this. It's not fair to the developers who pay Google every month to be in the market, when they build an app that can only run consistently(or even open at all) on very specific device specs/architectures, yet a bunch of idiots with Galaxy Mini's and Optimus V's decide they know better--so they do the web workaround, and(surprise!): it runs like garbage, yet they're still shocked and outraged, so they proceed to act like spray-paint holstered vandals, and childishly leave one star reviews with more curse words than a Bob Saget comedy set--which in turn, makes people who actually own the proper devices, wary of buying a perfectly good app.
It's one of the biggest problems the Play Store faces. Google wasn't strict about this in the beginning, however, just like with many other good things in life, a large group of idiots ruin it for the masses. Developers started pressing Google about it,(understandably so)and now they crack down on it more and more all the time. Having a billion different Android devices out there(many not even meeting basic compatibility standards) makes running an App store a very complicated operation.
I'm not implying that you would be one of these idiots by the way; just giving you the pro-compatibility side. :-)

That situation would be better remedied by disallowing reviews or ratings from users of incompatible devices, and maybe giving them a popup warning about the incompatibility before they buy, not by preventing them from buying in the first place.

Not that I've tried to buy anything that was incompatible with all my devices (Horn is actually the first I've come across, and I have no interest in it), but I'd like the option. Especially if Google's compatibility check is based on what OS version the manufacturer thinks you should be running, as opposed to what you're actually running.

Definitely agree with your point about this... but at the same time any user should be able to buy any app regardless of the device they own - "for the future" as stated by the OP.

Let's say I know I'm buying a new phone a month from now and a cool game goes on sale that will not run on my current device - I should be able to buy it at the sale price "for later".

So maybe the restriction for compatible devices should restrict you from installing on incompatible devices but not from buying it (with a well marked warning of course).

Probably spent about four to five dollars on apps for me and 75 cents on the Mrs (we both are oddly enjoying Draw Something), all of it still leave me with $14 credit from my Nexus 7. Not a bad sale. Too bad it is ending.

Wow, searching for Horn in the Play Store really makes you realize we need more 'air horn' apps for Android.

Got Smart Tools during the last 25-cent sale, it's cool but turned out pretty useless for me.
Since it's the final day...well...

Half the apps don't even show up for most... EA really is one big cluster**** during this sale. Whether it was the Madden fiasco yesterday, the incompatibility for a lot of phones etc.

A lot of the games were really surprising for so cheap. I haven't stopped playing Granny Smith, Shark Dash, the Ski game etc.

These $.25 games, and apps have been awesome. As a former iPhone user with a little over 200 iOS apps it's been a hard pill to swallow downloading some of these apps again, or apps with similar functionality. I got a few apps that I didn't really want to pay full price for.

Cogs, Ski, Nova Prime (although it comes with Bugless Beast and AOKP Jelly Bean roms), Temple Run Brave, Cut the Rope, Where's my Perry, Haunted Mansion HD, Halloween HD, NFL Kicker...not bad...most of the others I already had.

This week I got:

•Smart Tools
•The Dark Knight Rises
•Where's My Perry?
•Ski Safari
•Mass Effect Infiltrator
•World of Goo
•Cut the Rope: Experiments
•Granny Smith

And only spend $2.01 (for some reason they charged me $0.01 tax on Mass Effect). I would have bought Horn, but it's not compatible.

(Already got Cut the Rope, Gravity Guy, and OfficeSuite 6 free from Amazon App of the Day, back when they had good stuff)

I almost missed horn because it didnt come up on my galaxy nexus. Thankfully I checked the list on my Nexus 7 and saw it.

It was a good run. Bought tons of apps from it. With the amount of time it takes to play these games ill have plenty of time to wait out other apps I was looking at to go on sale.