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Making a "smart watch" type of device seems to be the new hot thing, and Google is reportedly eyeing its own entry into the quickly expanding market. According to a source of Financial Times, the watch is coming not from Google's famous X Labs that produced Project Glass, but rather from the Android division directly. Long-rumored upcoming smart watches from the likes of Apple and Samsung, along with actual devices like the Pebble watch are creating a market that could be ripe for a killer entry from Google. 

There's no indication as to when (or even if) the Android-powered watch would be coming to market, again according to FT's sources. We have to think that Google would want to get Glass out into the market first before trying to reinvent mobile computing once again. but Google is certainly capable of running multiple projects at once.

Would you be interested in a smart watch from Google running Android? Or would it depend on the functionality and form factor? Sound off in the comments and let us know.

Source: Financial Times; Via: The Verge

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still1 says:

if google watch comes out that will be my first watch purchase in 10 years

John-Smith says:

heh same here, I might actually be interested in something like this. Though I haven't worn a watch since I was a kid, so it wouldn't feel natural. I'd have to check it out first.


Darth Spock says:

take. my. dollars!

Evoken says:

Definitely interested, a smart watch + Google Now would be killer.

Personally I have no interest in a smart watch of any brand. But it should be interesting to see what the different manufacturers could up with.

Same here. You guys think our smartphone batteries suck, just wait for smartwatch batteries!

gomaze says:

Easy, just follow these simple steps

1. Re-brand MotoActv
2. Collect money from people that do not understand
3. Done

Ry says:


Seriously. The base is sitting on the shelf right now. Google could *easily* jump into this smartwatch game with an iteration on MOTOACTV.

Darth Spock says:

I'm wearing them both. Now just need a lightbright for my chest and I'll be darth vader!

Klubhead says:

I'm very interested in these smartwatches.. Been waiting on the pebble for what seems like an eternity.

I work in the casino industry and am not allowed to pull out my phone, or even go to my pockets for that matter, on the gaming floor. This is a perfect solution.

winter_hat says:

Pebble is horrid. Bulky, ugly, screen resolution from the movie 'War Games'.

iWatch, which I assume is coming given the fact that the latest Nano is huge and can no longer be made into a watch, will likely be a stunner. So...Google better have their sh*t together...or not waste their time and effort.

I wish they would not waste their time, I think smart phones do all we need and they are always with the person. Who needs to have a second device? On their person? (in other words, I think they will be a fad and their efforts could be better used elsewhere)

imomperousse says:

Who wants to wear a damn watch....I don't get why when google is leading with projects like google glass they are following with a dumb project like a smart watch

Imagine if it has NFC... you won't even have to pull your phone out of your pocket or take your glasses off to make a purchase.

I would rather wear a watch than a pair of glasses. But really I don't think I would want either.

Chipras3 says:

That's about where I am too. It's not that I'm closed minded about a watch. It's just that it would have to be vastly more practical than the phone alone. I'm just not sure how that would work. I haven't worn a watch in almost 20 years.


These watches come off as like a tracking device... I mean it's not, but gives that illusion... I guess your smartphone can be a tracking device too.

richardodn says:

I really don't think there's much of a market for anyone's smartwatch just yet. We're really only to the point where the tech is making it possible. At this point it's more about exploring use cases. Google glass in the same category.

TheDu9du says:

Haven't worn a watch since 1999. I don't think making it smarter will make me get one. But if i was to ask for one I don't think I would care much if it didn't have data or calling features, but I would like it if it has GPS, NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth, a gyroscope, and of course a touch screen with Gorilla Glass 3 or tougher. Preferably at least 3 inch screen. And only Qi charging. Perhaps even no speaker jack, and sell companion Bluetooth headphones.

Jeffrey Liu says:

I think a smartwatch can serve as a companion input device for the Glass. So you have Glass on your face, Watch on your wrist, Phone in your pocket, all of which connected together and also connected to the Cloud.

Mario Oquias says:

its about time.. well design anf functionality realy matters in a smart watch specially the durability, if its not water proof and durable then its not a watch that a worker or a common person could use in a daily basis...

Shut Up and take my money!

abtxpress says:

Myself, a watch is pointless. But it's cool to see what they keep coming up with.

NoreenD says:

I'm not sure about owning a smart watch...Some thoughts to consider are topics such as functionality, size, price, battery life, is it waterproof, durable, and stylish. What could this particular watch do, that would make you want to spend your hard earned money on? Our phone screen sizes have increased, battery life is a concern, and we love the functionality of our smart phones and tablets. I love my smart phone for it's abilities and its size. For me, it's just enough. But there's times when you need the tablet, or the computer for the right job.

It will be interesting to see how the smart watch evolves...Perhaps, this could be a good product, or will it be a fad? Don't know, but I'll be watching and consider it. It is an interesting concept, and great things can come from anything of inception.

Magnus#AC says:

Would only buy if it's

1. Extremely light weight, lighter than my current swatch.

2. Very beautiful

3. Doesn't require daily charging

4. Is actually really functional

Produce this Google and I'll actually have a reason to throw money at you

bergeronjc says:

#2 won't happen because square glass screens cannot compare to the beautiful complexities of a chronograph or the simplicity of just two hands and no numbers on the face.

paleh0rse says:

Things could get VERY interesting if/when Samsung uses their sweet flexible display tech for a watch. And, the beauty of an LCD or AMOLED watchface is that it can be customized to display ANYTHING when it's sitting there simply displaying the time -- to include "the beautiful complexities of a chronograph or the simplicity of just two hands and no numbers on the face."

Picture a high-class watch with interchangeable faces, only with said faces being downloaded and changed at the touch of a finger! If it's not too large for our wrists, I'll definitely pick one up!

I could imagine a regular-looking watch with a screen surface above the analog hands - instead of going black when you put the screen to sleep, it goes clear and the analog hands are revealed beneath.

msvanhorn says:

I have a Pebble on order and it will be interesting to compare with whatever Android, Apple, and Samsung come up with. I'm looking forward to managing notification without having to access my phone directly.

Ironic that Sony aren't mentioned, despite selling an Android smartwatch for the last 2 years (the device is now on it's second generation, and rather good).

You want GoogleNow on a watch? Yep, you can already do that, if you open your eyes to Android vendors that aren't just Samsung or HTC....

bergeronjc says:


I just do not understand the point of these things.

hmmm says:

I am not interested in any new technology that I have to wear. Nice for people who could use it though.

paleh0rse says:

So you don't see the benefit in being able to ask for, display, and digest information without temporarily losing use of one or both of your hands (by holding a phone)?

Remember, this is only the beginning. At some point in the near future, pulling out a phone and manually checking it will be considered archaic -- regardless of how much any one of us tries to resist that eventuality.

I, for one, am looking forward to the day that I can have all of the world's digital power/information at "the tip of my thoughts"... ;)

jean15paul says:

Dang it. I was all ready to buy a Pebble once they come off pre-order and have stock forgot immediate shipment. Now I have to decide if I should wait for the Google watch.