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Reports from the Far East starting to emerge are suggesting that Google is looking to further expand its Chrome OS device portfolio with an own-brand offering in Q1 2013. A report in the China Times claims that Google has approached Taiwanese manufacturers Compal Electronics and Wintek to handle the hardware. The kicker -- this Google branded Chromebook is said to be a 12.85-inch device with a touch based input. 

Google is of course in the midst of another round of Chromebook pushing at the moment, with low-cost offerings currently on the market from both Acer and Samsung. The reports of touch input are interesting, especially considering Google's recent push into the tablet space with both the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 10. A touch based Chromebook would offer a different experience to an Android tablet. It could be seen more as a move to compete not against Google's own products, but more so against the likes of the Microsoft Surface and the other Windows 8 based touch-input laptops and tablets. 

Touch input alone may not be enough to increase adoption of Google's cloud based OS, but price could have a much bigger effect. We've seen with the recent launches of the Nexus 4, 7 and 10 that Google is capable of offering a premium experience at an attractive price point. If Google were to offer an own-brand Chromebook, sold exclusively through the Play Store, margins could be stretched as thin as they wanted with a potential for an attractive price for consumers. 

Source: China Times via The Next Web


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Google reportedly looking to launch own-brand Chromebook in early 2013


+9000 lol I'm still trying to grab either an Acer or Samsung Chromebook. Every Best Buy I go to is completely sold out. I was a day late at one Best Buy; the closest I've been to getting one since launch.

yeah not quite sure how the Nexus Play Store performance of late is considered a "premium experience". Premium POS if you ask me.

Not sure if I want a laptop with a touchscreen. I would definitely get a Chromebook but not with a touchscreen.

Every Windows 8 laptop will have a touchscreen soon. Half of them do already. I see Apple following suit. Touchscreen notebooks are the future.

Can't wait to buy it from the Play Store! Oh... That's right. I am still waiting for my tracking information for an order I placed two weeks ago...

Despite knowing this, I still want a GD Samsung Chromebook. Google needs to get their shit straight or consumers will move on. I would have switched to an N4 from my S3 if their supply wasn't such a joke.

That's old news. They're much closer to reality at this point. Mountain View has prototypes already.

"If Google were to offer an own-brand Chromebook, sold exclusively through the Play Store, margins could be stretched as thin as they wanted with a potential for an attractive price for consumers."

No. Android devices are media consumption devices, and they drive sales of apps, music, movies, books and magazines in the Play store. Chromebooks are basically web browsers. Since Chromebooks are not dependent on apps, and quite frankly are not really the best choice for media consumption, it is unlikely Google could leverage the back end spend needed to be able to sell Chromebooks at a very thin margin.

I'm not sure how your comment has anything to do with what I wrote, or with this article, for that matter.

I think you're missing something. Everything Google does is to get people using Google services. You use their stuff they make money.

I've been wondering for a while now if we will ever see a ChromeOS-Android merger (would make chromebooks WAY more attractive since the apps would give you something to use it for without wifi). A touch based input makes me think this could very well be something on their radar for the future, if not I would at the very least expect that chromebooks will eventually be made to run android apps.


Wouldn't that just be an Android tablet with an even better version of Chrome than is available today? I mean in order to run Android apps within ChromeOS, you probably are better off using the ARM version of ChromeOS which again just means you are running Android within ChromeOS (which seems ass backwards) or (back to my original point) a better (almost desktop quality) version of Chrome within Android.

What Google does on desktop vs. mobile will be interesting. You have Apple with separate OSs but Microsoft is trying to have pretty the same OS across desktop and mobile. With Google's light desktop implementation, I wouldn't be surprised if it was one platform for everything but am not sure what that would be. Maybe next generation Android is a Chrome-Android hybrid.