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I don't often have to print documents, but when I do ...

Google Cloud Print is pretty handy, letting you print anything from anywhere using Chrome with your own computer and printer. With today's release of the official Android app, you can now print to your Cloud Print enabled printers straight from your Android devices.

Doing so is simple, just open the app and use Android's sharing menu to import whatever it is you want to print. In fact, the hardest part of it all is setting up your computer and printer to work with Google Cloud Print, and that's pretty easy. 

While most of us send files and documents through the Internet in this day and age, having an easy fall back to get paper copy is nice. Grab it from the Google Play link above.


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Google releases Cloud Print app for Android


It looks like it works only with very limited printers (have to support cloud print). Am I correct?

No, so long as you have a printer that is connected to a computer with constant internet access, you should be able to set it up to be a part of you list of available printers for cloud printing.

Hasn't there been a cloud print app for a while? I used to leave my work computer on with chrome running so i could print stuff over the weekend then pick it up when i got to work.

This is the first OFFICIAL Google Cloud Print app. The others work(ed) well, but were 3rd party apps, not Google.

This app used to have a different name, but it's been around for a while. Doesn't seem to work all that well.

Does this one require the computer to be on and chrome running? With the current cloud print I can send a job straight to my Wi-Fi connected printer and am good to go. Reason I ask is because at the moment my computer is snafu'd and I have no way of setting up this cloud print.

A normal printer can only do this if it's connected to a computer with a constant internet connection with chrome running.


Many HP printers (as well as others) support cloud print directly as long as they are connected to your network.

I print from my phone using an inkjet connected via usb to a ReadyNAS box and the PrintBot app. The app makes pretty much any Linux networked printer available to Android without needing Cloud Print.

Works great for me, and means my documents stay local.

I have used printbot too. but it has somr built in restrictive limitations(to entice you to spend five bucks for the license).
One big limitation is you can't print from anywhere on the web, LAN only.

the old app Cloud Print (exact same app name by Paulo Fernandez) allowed all of this before however and was free. I hope Google gave him a job and salary or something.

i have an HP 6510 Photosmart WIFI Printer. i have been using the clunky but effective HP ePrint app to wirelessly print. i have tried to use this new Google Cloud Print app but with no success. i get a "failed to submit" error. computer and printer are on. although the HP app does not require the computer be on - but i think this Google app does.

Try going to the Google Cloud Print Setup site and set up the HP printer with the HP printer email address.

I'm sticking with the 3rd party Cloud Print app. I don't have to have my Wi-Fi HP printer connected to a computer and I like the UI better.

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Even if you don't want to print to a physical printer, Cloud Print is still worth setting up and using simply for its ability to "print" documents and webpages to PDFs in Google Drive. So useful.

Never cared for cloud print and prefer to keep docs local. I have been able to print from my phone wirelessly from home and in any office thus far without the extra pointless steps of cloud print. I will never see the point of uploading personal/business docs to Google just to do something that I have always been able to do anyway..

There are plenty of 3rd party Google cloud print apps available. I've successfully used the free version of PrinterShare, as well as Easy Print, and Cloud Print (my personal favorite). I'll check out this official Google version just to see how it compares.

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You don't have to upload it to the cloud to print it with this app. It will see your printer and go straight from the phone to the printer.

Not true. It uploads it in tbe background. Even if you are sitting next to the printer, the document goes up to Google, through the NSA, then back down to your printer, perhaps stopping at HP, and your local ISP.

Its not efficient but it is effective.

The actual easy way would have been to create a universal mobile print protocol with which one could connect to any printer directly via WiFi or USB to micro USB. That way, there would be no Chrome requirement or one to keep your computer running during all of this.

That's why I prefer actual printer apps that don't require I upload files to Google just to print to a printer that is right in front of my face, it's freaking stupid and a waste of resources!.. Once Google has enough users they are going to automatically start scanning your documents for "keywords" for advertising and people will be fine with that lol...

Well, I installed this app to try it out, and it works just fine. However, as I stated in my previous comment, there are other 3rd party Google cloud printing apps that I've used for a year. I found this official Google Cloud Print app to be straight forward with no frills. I suppose this is good because sometimes app simplicity is the best solution.

Still, I find that the extra features in Cloud Print by Paulo Fern√°ndez, and also in Easy Print by Flipdog Solutions, to be very useful, without adding excessive complication. Both of those apps are free, with a paid version of Cloud Print removing ads and adding a couple extra features. I'll probably uninstall the official Google app in favor of the feature rich alternatives, though there's nothing really wrong with the Google app. For those who prefer a simple, no frills app that does just one thing, and does it well, Google Cloud Print might be right for you.

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I tried using it with my HP 1010 Deskjet and windows 7. It's on and everything I connected it to my printer and the print job always failed to send. I tried several different webpages. I even tried a picture of a potato. It just won't work. Any other printer apps that will work?