If you use Google Reader to make all your RSS feeds a little more sane organized, be ready for a pleasant surprise.  Google has begun the rollout of the new look and feel for the reader website, and everyone should expect it by this evening.  Go on and hit F5 for a while, we'll wait (have to admit, I did just that).  The new look lines up with the rest of the updated Google service websites, including the black omnimagicbar across the top and your Google+ notifications baked right in to the upper left corner.

Google +1'ing Speaking of Google+ and integration, the new Reader allows you to +1 and share stories right from the stream.  This is an easy way to share with friends, and should work much better than the previous friending, following, sharing, and comments methods, which have been removed in favor of the new integration.

It works the same as the +1 button does anywhere -- click it, and you're given the option to share it on Google+.  Type in your message, and the magic happens.


We're big users of both Google Reader and Google+ around these parts, and we're excited about the new look and the new + integration, but the last little tidbit Alan Green (Google software engineer) threw out on the official announcement is the best of them all -- expect a new Android app shortly.  Sweet.

Source: Google Reader blog


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Google Reader website sees a major face-lift, new Android app expected soon


Sweet! I'd been hoping Google would drop their own Google Reader app. Hope they make it ICS themed like the new Music Beta app and nothing like the new website.

What do you mean "drop their own google reader app"?

Its been out there for over a year.
This looks surprisingly like the honeycomb app.

The Google Voice page has been re done as well. The problem being that I can not sign in to the voice app with my Sprint integration.

New look sucks, it lacks the Density button so theres tons of white/blank/empty/dead space which makes reading a real pain...Don't get me wrong im liking the image change so far on the other products but this one is just wrong.

I have a theory: maybe that new app coming will be the so called Google Propeller? I think big G is getting ready to retire the good-old, but ugly-looking Google Reader app we love & will be replaced for the upcoming Flipboard killer. I mean, it makes sense, doesn't it?
About the redesign, I like it, looks cleaner & feels faster.

I agree, too much white space and each feed entry is too big, showing less on the screen before we have to scroll down.

I'm using an Alienware m11x ... 11.6" 1366x768 display. Reader was usable, but not ideal before. Now it only works well in fullscreen mode. What's with all the space on the right? Doesn't Google know we use widescreen resolutions in 2011? So now chrome address bar+tabs+bookmarkbar+reader crap takes up ~25% of my screen! Bah on google

What's with all the space on the right? Doesn't Google know we use widescreen resolutions in 2011?

Google know that adults don't run browsers full screen. Most of us have other things going on on our computers than a browser running full screen.

Drag you window narrower.

Personally I don't find that there is too much white space at all. I think its already reduced a little bit since yesterday.

Is it just me, but the redesign seems laggy when using the keyboard shortcuts. I use the keyboard to read through 1000s of articles a day. Now when I hit the 'j' key to get to the next article there is a slight pause! :(

Also, I, too, do not like all the new white-space nor the font size difference between the article titles and the feed list on the left. If the font size of the article titles could be lowered then maybe there wouldn't seem like there is so much wasted space!

Been using Google Reader for awhile, and I think the update is horrible.

- Every time I log in, there's a pop-up saying your browser is no longer supported (on IE7 on a work PC, following comments still apply w/ Win7/IE9)
- Still can't resize the width of the feed window, truncating folder and feed names
- Scrolling no longer seems to mark items as read
- The bold in the feed list indicating new items is barely distinguishable from the standard (read) text. The grey feed icons are ugly - they should change the color to orange for feeds w/ unread items.
- gReader Android App (better than the Google Reader Android app) is now broken
- As others have mentioned, lots of wasted space.

+1 on getting Google Listen updated!