Revenues and operating income increase, but Motorola posts operating loss of $248 million

Google has just announced its Q3 2013 earnings, and it's another solid quarter for the search giant. We're listening in on the earnings call as we speak, but here's your breakdown of the financials:

  • $14.89 billion in revenues, up 12 percent year-over-year
  • Operating income of $3.44 billion, 23 percent of revenues, up from 2.74 billion last year
  • Net income  of $2.97 billion, up from 2.18 billion last year
  • Earnings Per Share of $8.75, up from $6.53 last year

Google-owned sites made up $9.39 billion, or 68 percent, of total Google revenues, with Google Network bringing in $3.15 billion and "other" a total of $1.23 billion. 56 percent of Google revenues came from countries other than the U.S., which is just slightly higher than Q3 2012.

Motorola posted revenues of $1.18 billion, or 8 percent of Google's revenues in the quarter. That's down from $1.78 billion and 13 percent of revenues in Q3 2012. In the end, Motorola still posted an operating loss of $248 million, negative 21 percent of its revenues. That compares to a $192 million loss, negative 11 percent, in the same quarter last year.

Source: Google

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UJ95x says:

So...Verizon makes more money than Google? O_O

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Grahaman27 says:

Google doesn't make as much as many companies, but its amazing how influential they are with the amount they do make. Apple makes 5 times the money and is just as influential.

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Mtn_Scott says:

Apple trades at 12.5 times earnings, Google 25. Investors see twice the potential in Goolgle growing over Apple. Percentage wise that is.

still1 says:

when they(Verizon) rip you off, its easy to make more money

Mtn_Scott says:

More Revenue, probably less net income.

Google Net Income $2.9 Billion
Verizon net income $2.2 Billi0n

No, Google has a significantly higher profit. Not sure what numbers you are looking at....

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TomStretton says:

Tax = $3

Ryandroid86 says:

a net income of almost 3 billion???? Even with the moto loss... they seem to be doing very well still. Ill take .01% of that, And Ill be set for life. Just saying

Motorola's losses have always been pretty small every quarter in the scheme of things.

sentinelred says:

I'll bet Google presses on and almost nearly eliminates Moto's loss. They made a significant amount of progress already

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Well its clear they've been trying to at least cut down the costs... they've been cutting jobs, they sold off the home business and are putting out new devices with new branding. They're definitely trying.

Well, they beat wall street expectations so that's good. However, I still think they could've done so much better with Motorola. The Moto X, as nice as it might be, doesn't convey 'premium' to the average consumer,

Here's hoping 2014 is the year where they add to Google's bottom line.

still1 says:

Motorola made $998 million Q2,2013 and $1.18 billion Q3,2013.
200 million extra revenue. this is a good start considering Moto X and Droid lines sales only account for 1 month in the Q3. Hopefully Moto makes money Q4

Still losing a couple hundred million dollars every quarter. Almost $1 billion in losses since Google acquired them. Improvements, but still in the red — takes a long time to turn that ship around.

NoNexus says:

Yeah, but it is still an up

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Ry says:

Do they charge layoffs to any particular quarter or just the quarter they occurred in?

Mtn_Scott says:

GAAP says, the quarter they occured in.


Publicly traded companies don't use GAAP, they use IFRS.

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Mtn_Scott says:

n the United States, while "...the SEC published a statement of continued support for a single set of high-quality, globally accepted accounting standards, and acknowledged that IFRS is best positioned to serve this role..."[5] progress is less evident.[5][6]

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Google10 says:

Advertising about 84% of Google revenue? Used to be high 90's. $1.18B Motorola revenue part of the $1.23B or no?

Hunter Petit says:

Good 4 Google! Maybe they should share! ;-)

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They do, if you're a shareholder lol.

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centerwaters says:

which American company pays more tax to the United States? Google or Apple?

Just the facts, please. :)

Ry says:

Neither. They both take advantage of loopholes.

alexlam24 says:

But Google gives back to you with improvements to Android and stuff

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Pirate Arr says:

Not bad. No matter if another company makes more like apple and Verizon. All three make ALLOT of money.

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bespinct says:

Which ship is easier to maneuver, Motorola or BlackBerry?

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cpcxgsr says:

quite obvious, Motorola! Blackberry is sinking faster than a sack of rocks. Everything BB had launched after 2007>, FAILED miserably. Such as: the Blackberry Playbook, dubbed the "iPad killer"... FAIL. Their BB Storm, dubbed "iPhone Killer". FAIL... Now with their Z10/Q10... They claimed those 2 devices will bridge the gap btwn Android and Apple.... That may be the case, but guess what? No one is buying it! People rather buy low end Android phones than a new q/z10!

At least with Motorola, they are still significant in the mobile world. Still making phones that ppl would buy... I have a feeling HTC will fall into the same unfortunate hands as Blackberry... They still have time to change course, but with all their loss in stock value.... It maybe a slow painful death for HTC.

BruhMan says:

Wow.. I make way less than that.

TheDu9du says:

Hey, losses make you pay less taxes so,
Hooray for losses!