Google today purchased Global IP Solutions, a $68 million move that could pave the way for a more native video chat solution (sorry, Qik and Sprint) for Android smartphones, possibly in gmail, or Google Talk, or maybe some new native app.

GIPS recently showed off its VideoEngine software, which you can see above. And between this, the Evo 4G and Qik, and the expected video chat on the next iPhone, we may well be ushering in a new connectivity era for smartphones. Stay tuned. [via Electronista]


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Google purchases VoIP firm, could lead to video chat for Android


I don't see how this is better than a front facing camera with a kickstand and software already available.

don't be a negative nancy this is a plus for the Android Community all around as it will allow everyone to video chat not just Evo users, granted I think the Evo has the best setup in place to take advantage of this but with something like this coming into play I'm sure will see more phones in the future with front facing cameras.

Quick is available now but not for video chat that wont officially be available until June 4th, and as I previously stated that only works on the Evo where as Google buying out this company will allow them to offer this feature to all Android phones which is a plus for everyone and should be integrated right into the OS.

I don't give a damn about video chat.

I hope this leads to direct Google Voice capability without using cell minutes for either Incoming or Outgoing calls.

I can't understand what is holding Google back from breaking the cell minute dependency since most carriers no longer care much about this issue anyway, having realized they make more money on data than they do on cell service.

Sadly, this is true. We get all geeked about technology like this in the US, but in other places of the world, this has been around for numerous years.

Where's the captions on the vlog? Does this mean a future potential of videophone for those Deaf and Hard of Hearing people to be able to make video calls anywhere instead of carrying our laptop with us all the times?? This sounds too good to be true! :)

Why is it sorry "Qik and Sprint"? When the EVO was introduced at CTIA, Sprint said ALL developers were welcomed to write video-chat apps for the EVO. If anything, it's Qik who has something to worry about. As well as Apple, GIPS made their video engine available to Apple developers. Once the contract expires with Apple, Google could easily NO to a new contract. Frankly, I cannot see why Google would renew a contract with Apple. Apple has slung Googles name through the mud on more than one occasion.

yeah why sorry qik and sprint? Evo is android why wouldn't it be available for this phone? At this time this the only thing available right? So why talk down to sprint and qik? I'm sure all androids will get it once it's developed. I think that was totally unnecessary.