Starbucks Play Store Promotion

Logging into free Wifi at Starbucks? Now you'll be shown a free trial offer for Google Play Music All Access

Starting this week, Starbucks and Google have partnered up to offer customers that connect to its free Wifi promotional deals to check out content from Google Play. For some time now Starbucks has been partnering with different companies -- most recently The Wall Street Journal -- to advertise on their free WIfi login page, offering different deals or showing promotional videos before you were able to log on. At many Starbucks locations customers will now see an advertisement (shown above) for Google Play Music All Access, promoting the features of the service and offering a click-through to a free trial. 

Clicking through offers customers a full browser page where they'll see the merits of the service and give them a chance to start the same 30-day free trial that has been offered since the service's introduction at Google I/O. It also offers the same $7.99 discounted price when signing up before June 30th, but doesn't seem to offer any special deal beyond that for Starbucks customers. The page also offers users a chance to check out the rest of Google Play -- Books, Magazines, TV and Apps -- in a nicely stylized format.

Starbucks Play Store Promotion

This is a big deal for Google, and a smart move in our opinion to target the average user and show them what Google Play has to offer. Since moving its branding from Android Market to the Play Store, Google has fought a tough campaign to get the word out that there are more than just apps available behind that icon. It seems to be taking a very general consumer-focused approach with Play Music and All Access, and we hope Google continues the same type of advertising for the rest of the store.


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Google promoting Google Play Music when connecting to Starbucks free Wifi


I agree, it is a very smart move on Google's part to do this. I really hope they get on quick with making Play Music available in may more countries. This is really a crucial thing for the service if it is to become truly successful.

Google is targeting all the wannabe hipsters at Starbucks with their iPhone... That's funny. I have the all access for play music, I like it for the most part. I don't have to worry about storing music on my phone. I wish you could pick a genre for music streaming like Slacker or Pandora.

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I also agree that there should be a radio station based on genre; although it's only the first month of All Access and they just got a "but load" of money from all us subscribers. I hope to see this function in the future, but it is not a deal breaker, it's better and cheaper than most streaming music apps.

Very smart move indeed! Google has invaded the hangout of all the mac and iPhone users and is trying to convert them to All Access and not iRadio~insert evil laugh~. Although I have never connect to their wifi, since I'm on my phones data, it's a wise investment and I think there should be something in it for the Starbucks "wifi hogers" like a 10% your next drink or half of coffee beans, just a little something, to promote both Starbucks and All Access!

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