Crespo4G binaries

Google has posted the updated JRO03H (Android 4.1.1) closed binary files today, including those for the Nexus S4G.  That means one thing -- expect about a bazillion new AOSP Jelly Bean ROMs to be ready for download shortly, especially for the Sprint Nexus S. Before you ask, this has nothing to do with any OTA. These are the files that folks need to build Jelly Bean from the source code, and get everything working like it should. Developers have been working with the existing 4.1.1 source code since it dropped, but with these files there's 100-percent less hackery needed to get things like cameras, NFC, and Wimax working as intended on supported phones. While we see new files for the GSM Nexus phones, the Xoom, and even the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, Sprint's Galaxy Nexus is still absent.

As we saw when the Ice Cream Sandwich binaries were released, it could be more than a month until Google and Sprint get any OTA worked up, so this is a solid option if you need the butter. We all love the butter.

Don't fret if you're not up to speed with things like fastboot and flashing, because there's a great group of fellows in the Nexus S 4G forums who live to play with this sort of thing. Head in there, poke around a bit, then holler for any help you need. You'll be running Jelly Bean in no time.

Source: Google. Thanks, everyone who sent this in!

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rem_kujawa says:


RoscoeDpG says:

UPDATED BUGLESS BEAST! i can see it coming in the next few days!

rem_kujawa says:

I just peed a little!

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mipd1980 says:

Yesssssirrrr...... All I want in life is some jellybean glad I got my NS4G!!!

Damontx says:

Give me jelly bean I'm drooling

biggy813 says:

About time now we just need that ota whenever that will be.

biggy813 says:

About time now we just need that ota whenever that will be.

Meh...the jb ota for the ns4g will be a POS just like the ics ota. Custom ROMs FTW!!

I can't wait! My NS4G will be so happy

JobiWan144 says:

Sorry double post.

VDub2174 says:

I love my Galaxy Nexus and all but without LTE in my area the speeds are killing me. The NS4G I got for my parents are looking cooler and cooler each day, even more so with this news.

skinneejay says:

I can't wait for Bugless Beast to be update. Thank god I waited on the Galaxy Nexus. As much as I love that phone without LTE in my area its not worth it.

biafra#AC says:

For the Galaxy Nexus there are drivers still missing. For example the Camera and the GPS drivers.

You have to obtain those binaries from an installed factory image. The AOSP has a script called to do this.

dvanhouter says:

some of yall just sound sick and pathetic