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Four more APIs get rolled into Play Services for easier access by all developers across devices

Version 4.3 of Google Play Services is now rolling out to devices, bringing with it a new set of APIs, refreshes of other existing APIs and improvements related to the Google Play Games announcement from this morning. Entirely new to Play Services are Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Drive and Address APIs.

Google Analytics and Tag Manager are previously-standing independent APIs that are now being rolled into Play Services — this means developers can interact with these APIs much in the same way as they did, but they can be updated independent of the OS and easier accessed by developers. Both of these APIs let developers have better insight into how their apps are performing (Analytics) and have better control over assets in their apps (Tag Manager) so that changes can be tracked and made on the fly.

The newly-introduced Drive API is also being brought into Play Services, and the latest version includes the ability to pin files, let apps create folders and give apps notifications when files are changed. The Address API is also new, and allows developers to request to view addresses — for example when a user is filling out a delivery or online order form — without having to request the device's actual location.

As for Google Play Games, this Play Services update brings it up to date with all of the latest features announced earlier today, particularly cross-platform interaction and Game Gifts. Google Play Services updates take some time to roll out, but if you download an app or update an app that needs any of the new APIs, it should force the latest Play Services to download. You can always check in the Play Store for the update manually as well.

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Google Play Services 4.3 now rolling out with new APIs, support for latest Play Games improvements


This is why I like how Google handles updates. If it were iOS, we'd have to wait for an x.1 release

Posted via Android Central App

But then the fact that they release updates this way is why bugs are more common.

Posted via Android Central App

Read my comment below... Bugs is an about, doesn't work...period! I am a developer and right now my programming atleast for android has grinder to a hault. I updated the Google play services sdk and binary and ever since then my entire eclipse environment is corrupt! All my apps that use maps are forceclosing after I pushed an update... Root problem, for some reason this new update deletes the Google play services library manifest, and when I copy and past it back it draws even more errors, just manually added code line by line and same thing! Bugs galore! Google really f*cked up on this one wow!!! Could literally bring the Google play store to a grinding halt ! Any application that uses the Google play services sdk is now corrupt and will force close ...GOOD JOB GOOGLE ! YOU REALLY DID IT ON THIS ONE, ONLY RENDERING THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF MANY APPLICATIONS USELESS SIGNING OFF...ONE PISSED OFF PROGRAMMER

Posted via Android Central App

Are you certain it's not just something that went horribly wrong on your machine? I mean, as a fellow developer, I feel for you. But I suspect we would be hearing a lot more about this if it was happening en mass.

That's not how software development works. *How* you release the update has little to do with how it is tested. I've read the few comments about problems but, if they end up being glitches with the new API, it's not a result of updating the API outside of a full OS update.

Hopefully this has bug fixes as well. The last update caused a lot of wakelocks on my Nexus 5.

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Maybe this will fix the constant crashing that happens within a few minutes of using my phone after taking it off the wireless charger?

Posted via my Shnexus 5

I switched back to dalvik and it hasn't happened yet. Maybe it's just an ART thing.

Posted via my Shnexus 5

Yeah, and with this new update, developers around the world are pulling their hair out like me wtf! Eclipse with adt was working fine until this update and now I can't add the Google services library to my current project, as soon as I import Google services library into my workspace the manifest file disappears and I'm left with two parsing errors. Uninstalled eclipse and even java jdk several times rebuild the project and every time the same exact error... Cleaned project, restarted project, refreshed ran lint, checked the manifest In the directory and low and behold, empty, copied and past the non-empty manifest from the original file and reload eclipse and I'm hit with 94 errors. Basically this new update Is full of bugs which of course there is always bugs in New versions but this is overwhelming. Completely destroyed my developer environment and corrupted a lot of files NOT HAPPY WITH GOOGLE, I know people love when Google releases updates but when they do premature releases it affects all of us, I see how this update is killing programmers and developers everywhere right now, it just doesn't work period! So if anyone is having a problem with one or all of their applications that's because this new Google services update is corructing files and I would suggest everyone turn off automatic updates until Google fixes this, I tried to report this and was informed it has already been reported by a lot of developers. Wtf only apps that won't be affected are the ones that were hardcoded with a specif version of Google play serves version, if like myself and most developers left the metadata tag stating "version" but not the specific "version" then the update will go Into effect into the apk. Files and projects with Google play services...every single one of my apps that I developed are lit up with errors when I open them. Any other developers on here having this problem? Let me know because I'm ready to pull my hair out. I had no idea why this was happening. All day I have been working hard to figure out wtf is going on. Was about to 're-install my entire operating system...then I see this .. Google play services update with new apis! Yup, and I now know why everything went from all good to complete disaster. I can't even build a new project without immediate parsing errors. Google better fix this fast because it is going to mess up the entire eco system if it isn't fixed...they should pull the update for now. I turned off online access and eclipse ran fine on old version of Google play services library which I restored from my flash stick, then I went back online and updated and boom all projects filled with errors, one project lit up with 94 errors !!!! So to anyone thinking this is good news, it's not, it's a disaster and this rant is a nice vent for me because I was ready to toss my laptop out the window in frustration after doing everything I could possibly do to no avail... If there are any developers that are not affected by this or were and figured it out please message me and let me know because I have am stuck. And I have a lot of work to do and can't get anything done until Google finds the fuckin bug in this update which I myself am looking for... All I see so far is the updated Google play services library is improperly compiled and will not work as a library project and strips all projects that use Google play services sdk of the Google play services manifest file causing a parsing error. F*ckin aggrivated is an understatement

Posted via Android Central App

Swipe makes things easier... I also didn't intend to write such a long novel but I had to let it out. Also, other developers will read such a post long as is because it is a serious problem. Still up trying to figure this out.

I did for the first 3 lines and scroll down for comments, come across your comment make me jingle

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