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Australians can now listen to their favorite music both on the web and their Android device with Google Play Music

Update: Google Play announced via their Google+ account that there are six other countries also getting the Play Music service: Austria,  Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, New Zealand and Portugal. For those about to rock, we salute you. The original story continues below.

Google has flipped their magic switch and made Google Play Music alive and well in the land down under. Users can buy music from Google Play on either the web or their Android device, and the cloud associated with their Google account will hold up to 20,000 of a users own music. The streaming service is available to 10 devices at a time, and the settings on the web version can be used to authorize and deauthorize devices.

The addition of Music means all Google Play services -- apps, games, books, movies, magazines and music -- are now available in Australia. You can find Google Play Music on the web right here, and download the application to your Android device via the Google Play link above.

Source: Google Australia


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Google Play Music now available in Australia -- Update: and 6 other countries


Better late then never. Now if Amazon, Pandora, Netflix will just follow suit...

You guys in the States are spoiled for choice!

There is alot of expansion going on.. Netflix did their worldwide push, streaming services like Rdio and Spotify are going wild now, I just want one thing from Google though, the ability to buy Nexus devices from the play store here in Mexico.

Pandora is already out in Australia it launched about 3 months ago for the mobile app and you have been able to get the browser one for years


Now that's some good news... that cloud option will make dealing with my Nexus 4's 8GB of storage a hell of a lot better.

"The addition of Music means all Google Play services -- apps, games, books, movies, magazines and music -- are now available in Australia"

Ahh not quite "all Google Play services" Jerry we are still missing TV and I doubt we will get that any time soon at least not the same as the USA

For krissake! why the hell can't Canada get included in this? gad Damned Quebec french language requirments and the Gad Damned CRTC Canadian Content BS! I have nothing against our bands, but you know what?; I'm sure there are plenty of Canadian bands already in the Play catalog. Get on with it!
Did i include enough exclamation points!!

I don't think the french language is the main problem here. Google Play Magazines does have french ones, I think the joke is more on that stupid retarded CRTC. I am pretty sure those guys still think faxes are the future...

I saw the title and I was so stoked that Canada would be one of them! But I was let down ugh. Hopefully soon, we just got Magazines recently lol.

As a Canadian I just started using google music yesterday (You just need to happen to be located in US for the initial setup process, then you can use it in Canada ;-). Now I'm able to upload my music and stream it back to my nexus 4.. I just can't buy any music through them though.