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Google has enabled support for Google Play Music and All Access to the following new countries today: Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru and Ukraine. Now folks in those parts of the world will be able to stream their own music from Google to any Android or iOS device — or their computer — as well as sign up for All Access and listen to Google's catalog of tunes for a monthly fee. We love seeing Google find a way to get services like this into more places.

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Google Play Music and All Access comes to 6 more countries


Google's best kept secret. A name change and better marketing is all it needs now!

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I want to know how many subscribers to All Access there is. I am hoping it will stay around and is successful. Its my favorite music option.

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Wow, just yesterday I was frustrated that this service wasn't available in Colombia and that Google was really taking their time to get here. And bam! I wake up to see this.

The put it on Bolivia, Peru and Chile, but not in Brazil?
This doesnt make sense, we have Spotify, Dezzer, Rdio, Xbox Music...
Google is losing a huge market here in Brazil

Does anybody knows when it will come to Lithuania? I am not talking about All Access, i mean Google play Music? Countries in Europe even now, doesn't this option...