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Google has today announced the launch of Google Play Movies in France. The service launches in France as "Google Play Films", and Google's touting the availability of French language classics like La Grotte Des Rêves Perdus and Le Bal Des Actrices, along with the larger library of English titles already available in the US, UK and elsewhere.

If you need to pick up your copy of the Android app for Google Play Movies (or Google Play Films), we've got the usual QR code and store link after the break.


Reader comments

Google Play Movies launches in France


More like anyone who really wanted to use Google Play Anything in France (or wherever) has already been using a proxy or some other method to trick the IP location check.

On another note: Immortals and Contagion were pretty terrible films. :)

If you are a foreigner like me, you'll find that there is no possibility to watch any movies offered in their original versions.

ALL the movies are dubbed in French. Absolute disgrace.