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Google is in the process of activating their gift card program in Canada, and codes are now redeemable via the web for a number of users. We gave it a shot ourselves, and as you can see Rene was able to access the page to redeem a card with no trickery involved.

If you're in Canada, and want to give it a try yourself, click here and see what happens. If you're not seeing it yet, we imagine you will soon. We've no word on just when the cards themselves will be on Canadian shelves, but it can't be that far out.

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Where did you get the card???

ggbrown says:

This. As a Canadian, where can we get these gift cards?

Edit: where can someone get one to give to me?

lfeuln says:

The $25 may be from the Nexus 7 promo if it was available in Canada, not a new card unfortunately.

BlueAce127 says:

I'm sure it'll come soon. Google's been pretty kind to Canada recently... Chromebooks are being made available, then the Google Play Store gift cards should be the next thing... ;)

Ken Thurston says:

It's July 20th 2013 now and these fictional Google Play Store gift cards are no where to be seen in Canada.... but I saw a sasquatch the other day....

Google!!! get your act together for pete sakes!!!!!!

shroud27 says:

I saw the gift cards at a Walmart in Scarborough(GTA).

Next time im there I'll let you know if I see them down here in Windsor.

oube00 says:

I confirm. It's working now in Alberta Canada.

Ryan Harris2 says:

Where did you find a Google play card in Alberta?

try target they are selling them in edmonton

eljedo says:

I have the option to redeem in the play store - but still on the lookout for Gift Cards. So exciting - nothing here at any of the super wal-marts on Vancouver Island so far.

unmistakable says:

Still haven't found these gift cards anywhere in Toronto/GTA area. Whenever I ask at Best Buy people have no idea what I'm talking about. This is so frustrating >:[