Google Play Games

Update: Now available on the Google Play Store

We're live from Google's event in San Francisco, where the search giant has just announced its new games center app for Android, Google Play Games.

Google Play Games allows users to view leaderboards and achievements for games, compare scores and discover games based on what friends are playing.

The new Google Play Games app launches today on Google Play, and it'll ship on the new Nexus 7.

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Google Play Games now available - Google's games hub for Android


Will this enable cloud game saves? I want to pick up my tablet and begin playing where my phone session ended.

Posted via Android Central App

None of my devices are compatible... Guess it must be a US release only.

Posted via Android Central App

Ok so this is not app is not available in my region. Why? This is just a social and cloud syncing app for the most part, I don't see why they would restrict it... Kmt

Posted via AC App N4

I'm really sick of the way Google provides its Google play services throughout the world my country doesn't have Google movies, Music, magazines, books and now let us add Google games to the list Oooh and I can not buy from the Google play store any device its not available in my country....

For books, magazines, music and movies... it has to do with the publisher... they get to dictate where their product can be sold.. and in most cases also get to set the price.