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Sources required to be available under the GPL are now ready for devs to take a look at

Right on time, the full kernel sources for both the HTC One and Galaxy S4 Google Play edition devices are ready for download courtesy of links from JBQ on the Android Building Group. For the enterprising developers that want (or need) it to work with for a deeper understanding of these two devices, the kernel source is a big resource to have available. This isn't at all unexpected, however, as the terms of the GPL require that it be made freely available.

It should also be noted that the availability of the kernel source for these devices doesn't mean that we have a full ROM or any proprietary binaries available. Things in this area are understandably still a little murky, and while we surely hope that those additional files that would give users a complete working ROM will be offered, nothing is guaranteed.

If you are someone who has a need for the kernel source and want to get right into it, you can grab a direct download for both devices from the "download" links below. HTCdev is also hosting an independent download from its own site for the HTC One.

Source: Android Building Group

Downloads: HTC One / (HTCdev); Galaxy S4

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Google Play edition device kernel sources now available for download


wonder how long Samsung and HTC will support these phones since the OTA updates are pushed by OEM and not by Google, especially when these phones will only sell in thousands.

usually your not this far off, but your dead wrong here.

Samsung and HTC really have nothing to do with the software side of things. All the support is coming from Google (maybe they will need some input with Beats) whether they sell 5 or 5 Million.

Google isn't doing them.

"First and foremost, Google will not directly handle software updates for Google Play edition devices. This has been reported as true, false, and generally disputed quite a lot in the lead-up to the launch. We know for a fact now (thanks to Anandtech) that while Google will supply the necessary Android builds to OEMs, the OEMs will be responsible for maintenance of kernels and all the various drivers and firmware pieces necessary for their specific device. The result is that Google gives the OEMs the Android build, and it's then up to the OEMs to make that build work on their Google Play edition device and perform the act of actually updating the phone. Google has issued an official statement that works very hard to not expressly deny that they won't be handling the updates (Droid-life):"

Article on Android Police (for some reason it won't let me link to it).

Droid-Life reported that the OEM's will be updating them. I guess HTC will get a new update every year and a half just like before with all their other phones. I'd still be afraid that they would hold updates to not show favoritism and then it will be delayed like verizon updates

Um... the updates are pushed by Google. That's the whole point of these phones.

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You better rewatch the keynote again. They very carefully avoided saying that. Further examination of the software build info shows OEM markings unlike what we see on Nexus phonws so no they will be writren by the OEM... so no Google usnt responsible for them. Its all over the web today

Yes, bits of Sense, Beats, and Zoe are found deep in the GE One's code already. A skinned phone? Skinned with AOSP . . . such a strange world we live in . . .

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I am very new to Android, but I just installed 4.2.2 Google Play edition on my HTC One. But I am just wondering, when eventually 4.3 arrives, can I update as normal, or do I have to go through the whole process when I installed 4.2.2??
Other than that I am so happy I threw away my iPhone for HTC!!
Have a great weekend!