The patent arms race continues as Google purchased 1,023 patents from IBM in August. The patents run the gamut from hardware to software. As SEO by the Sea points out, some relate to Java, others to networking, and others to search. It's tough to tell whether we're looking at an offensive or defensive purchase here (and that all depends on whom might have already licensed those patents, or if they'll need to in the future). And, so, the game goes on.

Source: USPTO; via SEO by the Sea, Bloomberg


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Google picks up another 1,023 patents from IBM


I agree this is all Apples fault and is doing nothing more than increasing costs for the end user. Apple are all about money and greed.

Apple may look like they are all about money and greed, but they are running scared. They see the trend that Android is likely to run them over and it's only a matter of time until they are trying to play catch up with Google. Worst case, they anticipate having to eat through their cash reserves.

Let's face it, there will always be lines for the new igadget, be it a phone or tablet. People get sucked into the iTunes black hole and have no where to turn because you can only access those purchases with an apple product. It's an incredibly intelligent scheme to get people to buy your products, and keep them buying. I am definitely not for apple, I'm only saying that their user base isn't likely to change (especially with all of the sweet android features they are adding to iOS 5). Google will have to defend its OEMs at some point themselves, not via the justice department. They are taking steps in the right direction.

Google should be defending their OEMs now. Apple isn't suing Google and Microsoft isn't going after them for licensing deals for a reason. There will always be certain user types who will buy Apple products, but suing OEMs isn't going to stop people from buying Android products because they are available on regional, prepaid, and the big four carriers, not just the big four. By virtue of availability and price, Android phones have already overtaken Apple. As soon as Android OEMs get a clue about people not being willing to spend the same price for them as they will for Apple products and drop the price and increase volume, Android tablets will sell. Until Windows 8 Arrives and kills them all with end to end OS.

Google has been defending their OEM's. They sold some of their newly acquired patents to HTC to help it's fight with Apple. It's why Google bought Moto and these and previous patents from IBM. I am not worried about the new OS from MSFT. They are a dinosaur!

IBM should've thrown in a throw-away patent to make it an even 1024 patents. Then they could've just said they sold a KiloPatent. That actually has a nice ring to it. Kill-o-patent.

They went with the pie bid for the moto patents.. so why did they miss the chance to go with a power of 2?

I'm actually a bit disappointed with google now =/

I wouldn't call it a round number. It's more like charging $9.99 for something so that it seems much less expensive than $10.00. If you think in binary then 1023 would seem like a much lower number than 1024 :)

Until Windows 8 Arrives and kills them all with end to end OS.

Thank youso much... that comment will seriously keep me laughing all day... unless you were serious about it... in which case I'd like to remind everyone about how Zune also was supposed to challenge iTunes.. or the Kin was supposed to challenge the IPhone.... should I keep going??? :-)

the kin wasn't supposed to challenge the iPhone. It was marketed towards tweens and people that didn't want a smart phone but still it had the smart phone expensive data plans. Honestly, I think the kin HURT windows phone 7 because it just looks to the consumer as if they start something and then drop it and start something again almost haphazardly.

Look at their search, how many different attempts at search have they done? Not really a road map for success there.

I'm all for google & android, but the kin & zune was never supposed to compete with anyone. Its actually site's like engadget that set's up anything they know won't be able to compete with ipod or iphoneto make apple look unbeatable.all that zune & kin stuff come from apple fan sites. Just like this BS patent war they start everything. & then cry when they lose, its bad enough that when I was deciding on buying a phone & held the iphone then looked over & saw the girl next to me looking at the same gadget it hit me! This isn't really a phone its a fashion statement! Its a stature of your life style & I'm not prissy our delicate I'm Man with a capital M...& then I started looking strictly at android phones where females & metrosexuals dared not to set foot, yes not even confused men were in sight. So I knew this is me & I bought. So really forget about all this apple vs google & just root & mod your phones, do what really matters, unless gossip is your thing *not you specifically but in general*

I just love Google. What would the smartphone be without Google services, NOTHING. Apple should thank Google every day for their products, without Google the Apple phone would be nothing but a little 3.5 inch video player. Go get um Google.

PS Bring on the new Nexus.