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Nobody has ever said they were pretty

Ready for a pair of Google Glass that has a bit more style and flair? You may have your chance, as Google has partnered with Luxottica — the parent company behind Ray-Ban and Oakley glass and sunglass frames — for an undisclosed amount of money. We bet it was a whole helluva lot.

Not only do folks at Luxottica have design chops, but they have retail presence as well. The Italian company has controlling interest in LensCrafters, Sunglass Hut and other smaller retail outlets.

Both some redesign with an eye for mainstream style and a retail channel where people can see what they are buying are great moves forward for Google Glass, which has seen its share of bumps in the road. While nothing is certain, we still expect Google to announce retail availability and pricing of Glass sometime this year.

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Google partners with Oakley and Ray-Ban, hopefully bringing new Google Glass style options


No no no no no Google!!!!!!!
Shrink the technology to be inconspicuous within the glasses. That's how you get your positive attention with Glass. You're just wasting money only to be bashed even more by the public. No matter how many luxury brands you partner with, that camera will be the burden of everyone if it's so visible to see.
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But wouldn't privacy advocates, which seem to be the biggest haters of Glass, have even more ammo against the device if the Camera is even more hidden? Then people really wouldn't know that they are being recorded, which obviously to a lot of people is rather scary.

A great part of Glass is to be able to capture moments on the fly that often would be missed by needing to pull out your phone, unlock it, get into the camera app, and take a picture or shoot a video. If you remove the camera, one of the best parts of glass goes away imo. There are lots of other uses for it, but I find that one of my favorite. For all the privacy people out there, I have no want or need to capture what you are doing. I simply use it to capture great moments with my close friends and family.

Place an LED embedded in the corner of the frame so that if the cam is on, it will lit up. Reducing the bulk by integrating the parts into the frame is a great idea. Also, the problem is the sloooooowwww marriage between the battery technology and the nano technology.

All in good time, bro. Making it stylish and fashionable will make it more popular likely resulting in faster progression of the technology.

EVO 4G LTE still doing work!

"Shrink" the technology he says lol. You people seem to think these things are so simple to do. They're a long way from being able to do that in a sensible way. For now this is exactly what they need and I'm very happy they're doing this route.

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You should have seen the flocks of idiots who thought the 360 would be able to be powered by light and kinetic charging.

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So what's the secret power method then?

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

How do you know that's not what they are doing with these new partnerships?

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That would be great and I am sure the eventual goal, but the technology is just not there to fit all that hardware and a battery, big enough to last long enough to make Glass useful, into a pair of frames. Maybe you can spread some of the hardware out enough, but the battery is the real problem.

This is the right strategy. Glasses are as much fashion as function. Google Glass shouldn't be hidden, but stylized.

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This is the right direction, even though I secretly kinda detest Luxottica. I actually go out of my way to not buy frames from companies and brands that they own. I like giving the independent guys a chance!

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You do. You just have to spend time and sometimes extra money to avoid doing business with companies you don't like.

They may own a lot but there are others you can buy from.

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They own somewhere around 90-95% of the sunglasses market. It has to be pretty hard to find someone that's independent. I don't think I could give up Ray Ban though.

I think the future of Glass is going to be in these luxury glasses brands Google's partnering with. Not the current Glass model. I think the current Glass is simply a base template for the Explorers to use and the final product will be to extend the Glass software(once refined and mature enough) to other brands once Glass becomes commercial. Much like they are doing with Android Wear.

This technology scares me a bit. I think it would be very useful in certain situations/ occupations, but I don't think it has anyplace be in used out in the general public.

It should be illegal in all public establishments.

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No more so than other mobile devices with cameras, or cameras themselves.

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Think with me.
Google glass (as said on various sites) could be released in the half of this year
Google I/o is 25-26 June I think that's pretty much the middle of the year
And about the price I think 500usd would be close to wat it will be
What do you think I'm very interested

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Nice in theory. My problem with this partnering is those are luxottica companies and luxottica is the sole reason why glasses frames have shot up in cost. Plus they try to actively try to put independent eye exam places out of business.

It is really bad. Oakley used to be really nice until luxottica put the in bad shape the bought them out. After Oakley was bought out they shortly afterwards were no longer USA made.

Not only have prices gone up but quality has gone down, I don't know why people want cheap nasty plastic looking eyewear for an expensive price.

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Can't wait to see what Oakley does with Glass. They have already been pioneers in wearable technology with bluetooth and MP3 sunglasses, plus their recent Airwave goggles with build in HUD/GPS/BT/WiFi/etc.

Looking forward to having cycling sunglasses that can record video without a gopro plus display all my riding info, directions, and let me know who's calling so I can tell if it's important or not.