Google Opinion Rewards

Opinion Rewards, a Google app that pays its users to fill out surveys, has just expanded beyond the U.S. into Canada, Australia, and the U.K.

The program originally launched in November, and dishes out payments in Google Play credit. It’s an interesting way to feed your app habit, and Google gets juicy, juicy demographic data from you, which (hopefully) results in better-targeted ads. Surveys roll in about once a week, and you’ll get a notification when it’s ready to be answered.

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Google Opinion Rewards expands to the Canada, Australia, and the UK


Yay, now y'all can wait a month between surveys too!

I like this program as the bit that it pays out helps buy apps from time to time, but the frequency of surveys is lacking.

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Just installed on my Nexus 4 (I'm in Canada) ; it won't accept Canadian Postal Codes (in the A1B 2C3 format with or without a space) it would seem ... And when tried the "location" icon it directed me to a postal code in VNew York... I used that but not sure if that'll work?

Yeah, I had it installed on my N7 and for some reason it always picked up the push notification and it never went to my phone. Uninstalled on N7 and problem went away.

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The last survey I took offered no reward. It seemed like it was to try and stop people from gaining a reward and not actually submitting a useful survey.

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Does anyone know how to change some of options.. There was 1 option which said do you want to receive surveys that offer no money but I said yes accidently, does anyone know if I can somehow change it to receive surveys that do offer money.

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Maybe it's my technologically underrepresented demographic, but I get a couple of surveys every week, always paying out some money. So far I have racked up over $32 in credits, used some on an ebook from Play Books, will probably buy another book and/or something from Play Music with my current balance.

You might have a point. I was asked today if I was black, Latino, or Asian as the survey and when I answered no, that was the end. Funny thing is, one of the replies was "I don't know." Sadly, native American wasn't a choice :(

Something must have gotten messed up with my registration. I'm still not even approved and I registered on the day it was released. Anything I can do about it? I've tried the feedback form in the app multiple times with no results.

I love how I get random credit amounts, like 13 cents never 5 or 10. I don't get near the surveys I used to, but it's always nice when that notification pops up.

I get surveys, but when I submit them I always get some error message.

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I've noticed that the surveys aren't worth what they used to be. I used to get $0.25 just for answering one question surveys, where now I only get $0.10 or $0.13. I used to get $1 on the longer surveys, but I haven't gotten that much money on one in a while. The other day I even got a survey where I didn't get any money at all, despite answering a few questions. I wasn't too happy about that one.

I just got a dollar survey yesterday, five questions about travel websites.

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I get a few survey notifications each week, and I haven't had any issues. Like Lady Rapunzel above mentioned, the payments have gotten smaller with time, though. Still, I think it's a great app/reward program. I spend too much on entertainment, so I really like earning a few "free" films, books, apps, etc.

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