Android-powered smartwatches on the way

As promised, Google has officially announced its wearables strategy. It's called "Android Wear," and it's all about bringing Android to wearable tech, starting with smartwatches. Much like Google Now on a smartwatch, Android Wear is designed to focus on timely information, delivered when it's most relevant — Google's announcement media mentions social updates, chat updates and notifications from shopping and news apps, for instance.

Naturally the "OK Google" keyword can also activate voice input, just as it does in the Google Now Launcher, allowing you to get answers to spoken questions, or perform other commends like sending text messages or setting alarms. That means voice commands from Android Wear devices can also link back to your phone and, for example start music or movie playback.

And as with rival watches from the likes of Samsung, Android Wear also has a big fitness focus, allowing you to track calories burned, as well as distance traveled, whether you're walking, running or cycling.

For developers, there's a new section on the Android Developers site focusing on getting apps' notifications ready for Android Wear smartwatches, however Google says because the platform hooks into Android's existing notifications system, many apps will work as-is.

And while Google itself hasn't announced a "hero" smartwatch device, it says it's working with OEMs including Asus, HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung to create devices, chipmakers Broadcom, Imagination, Intel, Mediatek and Qualcomm — and fashion brands such as Fossil Group to launch Android Wear smartwatches "later this year."

Hot on the heels of the Android Wear announcement, we've also got news of the first Android-powered smartwatches from LG and Motorola

Source: Google's Android blog.


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Google officially announces Android Wear


I'm curious to see how the UI will be and also what functionalities it will bring. Its gonna be interesting
Posted via Android Central App

Especially considering some watches will apparently be circular, while others rectangular. I'm not sure how you can create a uniform interface and even have apps look/work similarly without having some type of constraints like that.

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Here's an idea: There's no Nexus watch! Android Wear™ is based SOLELY on Google (obviously). The creation of a Nexus Smartwatch is pointless. What more do you need with the LG G Watch AND the Moto360 plus more watches by HTC, Asus, and even Samsung with the Android Wear™ software to come along.

Its neat more than anything not clunky and not a load of button you don't want - just like a watch but made to the modern day standard

Posted via Stock Nexus 4*

I agree. A watch that actually looks like a watch, and with a much better UI and useful features. I was already set to buy the new Gear, but I think I'm going to wait and see what the OEMs will be coming out with using Android Wear.

Thats odd, my N4 is constantly giving me traffic updates and telling me about places (whether i want it to or not)

Motorola and LG seem to have working prototypes already...

Posted via Android Central App on Paranoid Android 4.4 Beta 5

Looks neat but it's also about the watch style to me. My GG does what I need and looks slick at the same time.

Posted via Android Central App

I like pretty much everything about my GG, including the way it looks...minus the 'camera wart.' But that's not facing me so I forget it's there most of he time.

OK Google

Now we just need the car controlled by our watch, that must be what the old Android guy is working on when he went into Google Robotics.

Watch looks pretty cool.

Posted via G2 + Nova

I have always dreamed of a round smartwatch. I just love round watches. Thus better not just be a concept.

Posted via Android Central App

I can't wait to see what the future of wearable's is. Exciting times!

Posted via Android Central App

Please please please Google...make this watch happen soon.....if so i will cancel my pebble Order.

Ok wow, that looked awesome. I'm most definitely getting this 1st day out.

Posted via Android Central App

Oh, that's actually an awesome idea! Imagine the watch popping up an alert when you approach a node or something.

I would imagine the watch is going to be getting the GPS coordinates from the phone, actually. I doubt they'd be able to put GPS on the watch itself.

I'm sure they are possible, whether they are practical to manufacture is another question.

Posted via Android Central App

It starts at $299 and only works with Nexus devices :)

Posted from my newly Kit Katted Droid Ultra

Not really. This is Google we're talking about, not Samsung, therefore it's most likely that these devices will be compatible with all android devices and even beyond.

Posted via Android Central App

What he said.....! ^^^^^^^^^^^

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, with 32GBs of internal memory and no sdcard. (Bring on 4.4.2, I can handle it.)

Per the first video on Google's Android blog,

"OK Google, Open Garage"

Nest smart garage door opener in 3...2....

Piece of junk.I want One(M8) :-D

"I'll stop buying smartphones when they make one smarter than me."Where's the stylus pen for the new One?

This is glass, only on your wrist. From my time with glass, its the first thing I thought of. What I am really interested in , is if it can sync with more than one gmail account at a time. That was the death nail of glass for me, thus I returned it.

Okay, I'll admit, I'm a bit excited for this. The Galaxy Gear is...okay, but to have a more Android feel and the ability to have actual, you know, apps on my watch would be amazing. My problem with the Gear is there is absolutely NO development for it. I have installed a total of three apps since I got it and only the Evernote app tends to work semi-decently. Even then, it's not all that functional. I really hope this "Android Wear" watch has a lot more functionality than the Gear.

What Google didn't do is create their own smartwatch. At least Samsung actually created their own hardware and software.

Nice looking piece of equipment, has purchase possibility

Posted via my outdated Droid RAZR Maxx HD using the Android Central App

Give me one in the form factor of the pebble steel and I'll be ready to have my money taken

I guess I'm not seeing what's so exciting. All I see is my phone shrunk down and put on my wrist showing information that is in my pocket and nothing new.

While I'm not completely sold on a smartwatch (though this has piqued my interest), I can see the appeal in a hands-free, quick glance information device such as this.

....but you'll drool over an iwatch... Because it has an apple logo on it...

Nexus 5...enough said

Oh, then that's cool. I can live with that.....just didn't want to get "another line" requirement.

Love the home integration tease... "Ok Google, open garage" can't wait! Sorry pebble... Gonna have too upgrade

Posted via Android Central App

Love how Motorola watch looks! So classy! Was going back to iPhone but.. But now.. Mehh I won't.. Just gonna buy me LG G3 (maybe) and Motorola Watch and I will be like Mr. Gadget! :D

What if someone is sitting next to you on the bus and screams "Ok Google, show me naked photos!" Would the wearable recognize your voice or not?

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I haven't worn a watch in years. Especially with everything that a smartphone does. Now I may not even need to have my phone out with everything that a smartwatch does. The deal-breaker for me will be battery-life. But I actually like the idea of Google Now on my wrist. That is the ONE THING about these "wearable" devices I like.

Reminds me of the Ubuntu phone and how it works as far as sliding this way does this slide this way to do that. Neat ui

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So the round watch in the video... Is that CGI or the actual watch in action? Cos if it is, I want it. Right now.

Posted via Andrex Toilet Roll (2-ply)

I don't like smart watches, but this, I would buy. I just hope it will be able to sync with any phone. It would also be nice to have a smarty watch that didn't need to sync at all with a phone.

I like what I am seeing, but I really HOPE they do more than just add pedometer for fitness tracking. I am a fairly active guy and I have been patiently waiting for a android powered fitness tracker that can get my heart rate, steps, sleep measurements, etc and still be a notification center as well. PLEASE ADD THE NECESSARY HARDWARE AND OR SOFTWARE TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

There are apps in the playstore that proactively track my heart rate and sleep measurements? I dont want to have to go into a app and track my heart rate while Im working out. Thats counter intuitive and productive. It should be getting tracked while I workout so I know when I may be pushing myself too hard. And sleep measurements should actually be done WHILE I sleep... ik sounds crazy right?

"Dancing? Find out what song this is." What!?! We are through the rabbit hole people! Android Wear FTW!

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This will be useful for me in school. (I'm a sophomore in Highschool) When I finish my work, I often go on my phone to check news. Now I can just use this and not have to hear about teachers getting mad because I'm on my phone because I finish my work early.

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99% of the things shown in the video I will never use....they think smart watches are the new "tablet" when iPad came out

That's what people said about the iPad being nothing more than giant iPod Touches when it first came out. Give the watches a chance.

If you don't use 99% of the functionality then you are missing out on what Google Now has to offer. Your loss.

Make one in the sub-$100 price range and I'll buy it. For me at least, this is a luxury - an exciting luxury, but a luxury nonetheless. I can frankly interact with my phone just as easily, except when I'm in my car or riding my bike. I'll shell out $100 for that.

Not one person in that commercial had a job. People with jobs need to know what time it is, not what beach doesn't have jellyfish.