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Google improves location-aware and voice-controlled features for Now

An update to Google Now is bringing two new types of cards, TV shows and Google Offers, to users starting today. For those who have an internet-connected TV on the same network as their mobile device, Google Now can now listen to the show you're watching and offer more information -- such as actor or show details -- right on your device. For Google Offers users, Google Now will show reminders for upcoming saved offers when you're near a store that you can use the offer at, which expands on Google's current location-aware shopping and research cards.

Additionally, the latest update also includes a new voice action to play music from Google Now. You can now say "Play [artist name]", and a prompt will pop up letting you select your preferred music app from the ones you have installed. The app will then open and begin playing from the artist you asked for.

The new TV show card is U.S.-only for the moment, but the other new features should be available for everyone. You can grab the latest updated Google Search (which is Google Now) app from the Play Store link above.

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Google Now update brings new cards for TV shows and Google Offers


So if the that head-case Nik guy dies doing his next stunt, will it notify me proactively? That would be sweet.

Does the TV function work with google tv's? I updated the app and was using my logitech revue, but nothing came up in google now

Same version I got, and if shows only ONE choice for playing the music. Its the lame music app that came with the phone (HTC One X international version).

It doesn't show the option to use Play Music, so consequently it shows none of my collection.

The phone thinks its current, as far a Google Search (Now) is concerned. Nothing newer shown in the market.

I had the same problem. Go into Settings, then Apps and disable the HTC music app. After I disabled it, then Play Music showed up.

That lil' prostitute Siri wishes she was as easy as Google Now. Google Now does darn near EVERYTHING. LOL!

LOL at the TV advertisement, (samsung tablet if I recall),

Siri You can't put an SD card there, Ouch Ouch!

That commercial is DAMN annoying. Why does Microsoft attack the competition? They lose credibility in my book every time I see a bashing ad. Way to be the veteran computer company MS :/

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Do you remember...
"I'm a mac, I'm a pc"
(apple ad)

Only now Microsoft the one playing offense on the same field.

It's all good though, competition is key.

More devices the merrier.

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I don't really understand why the TV needs to be Internet-capable, and on the same network. Would my phone be communicating with the TV?

If this uses the Audio coming from the TV show (a la Shazam), then the Internet connection for the TV wouldn't be necessary, so I'm assuming it's deeper than that.

Also, what if I have 2 TVs that are internet-connected?

I'm at work, so I can't test this out just yet, I'm just curious.

I haven't gotten the update yet, but I'm wondering the same thing. I'm also curious what constitutes an "Internet connected TV". There things are pretty proprietary, right? If it was GoogleTV I could understand, but I imagine that Sony does their setup much differently than LG, etc. Does a TiVo count?

This Play (Artist name) has been removed from google search in Jelly bean. All ICS phones had it and you were able to search for a song too.

It's the usual staggered roll out most likely. It makes sense why they do it, but it makes me crazy as I have the patience of a five year old.

Play (artist) just brings YouTube results, not my play music library. I would say lame but I'd just use the music app to play music like I always do...

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My gripe with "play" command is exactly the same as the older "listen to" command - - it still requires at least 3-4 more screen taps to get music playing.

Speak "play (artist)"
Click Play Music
Click artist name
Click album name
Click song to start playing
Or click menu - shuffle to start playing

too many darn clicks when I'm trying to drive and play music in my car dock.

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So...just tried "Play [artist]." Was really excited when it started playing a song. Then when the song was over, it stopped. No next song, just done. Can't hit next, can't instruct Google Now to play a playlist. Just one song. I'm thrilled to see Google working on this, but this is a bit premature for release no?

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No update for me either.
Interesting my iPhone on Google nows shows my calendar updates yet on my Galaxy phone it doesn't. Yet I have all fields activated.

For Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean):
- Information about shows you're watching on your internet-connected TV (US only)*

F**k sake

You don't need a Internet connected TV to get info on what's on.... With Google now open or using Google search just say "listen to TV" with the newest update and it will listen to the TV and bring up a card with any people that were mentioned during listening, any music info that was playing, plus info on the show or game that's playing. Pretty nice feature.

I cant seem to get the TV cards to work... I have a Vizio TV connected to my wifi and my phone on the same network and I do not see anything inside of Google now?

I do seem to have the play feature that plays the artist in Google music with my Google all access.

@mikemcs: Did you ever get this working? I am on Verizon FiOS and everything is updated and turned on, but no card on Google Now. :-(

What, specifically, is an internet-connected TV?

Have you tried saying "listen to TV" using Google now or Google search? Works for me with the newest update without having a smart TV connected to an Internet connection, my TV is just a regular hdtv without Internet connections in any way.

My number one complaint about Google Now is that it has to "figure" everything out. Why can't I just tell it what TV shows to update me on? Wouldn't that be much more effective, and simpler?

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Since I've had the new Google search update I've been using the new live TV cards by just saying "listen to TV" and it's super fast at recognizing what's on TV and it has never been off at all, and my TV is not Internet connected in any way or on my own same wifi network. This is a pretty cool feature with all of the extra information that is sometimes brought up for anything that is on TV. It would be nice if in the change log that they mentioned that your TV doesn't have to be Internet enabled or on the same wifi network to get info on what's on TV.

"but the other new features should be available for everyone."... meaning it works in the 7-8 countries where Google Now actually does anything but Google Searches! I live in Sweden and all I get from everything I ask Google Now are Google searches. If I change my phone to English, it works as intended, except it's not very usable in English.

I don't have a smart TV and it picked up all the shows and even can tell the show by the commercial. Maybe they updated it? The only thing it didn't show was my local small-time live news.