Google Now Parking

Google Now just keeps getting smarter, and its latest trick is remembering where you parked your car. With the latest update to the Google Search app — that's what powers Google Now — the intelligent assistant will keep track of your movements and figure out when you've driven and then parked your car, reminding you later on so you don't have to keep track yourself.

While this will probably help you more in an expansive parking lot at Disneyland than in a five-story underground parking garage in the middle of a city, the technology behind it is something to be amazed by. That's just one less thing that you have to worry about when you head out of the house, and the first time you see it happen it's going to feel like magic. Be on the lookout for the Google Search update, which is rolling out now.

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Google Now Parking

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sprint4lyfe says:

I'll try it but I'm not expecting much success.

ScottJ says:

Eyore is in the hizzy yall.

dullgeek says:

I already have this functionality with the "Auto Finder" app. That one works by noticing when you disconnect from bluetooth, and then tagging your location. I wonder how the Google Now feature actually works. Does it base it on speed?

Google now is awesome. Everyday I learn something new about how to use it I wish they had a official list of supported commands for things.

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leez says:

I'm here for no reason other than to give you kudos on your very specific username referring to one of the greatest flash videos of 14 years ago. Cheers!

I'm surprised that people remember that video. I believe its still on YouTube.

I wish Google would release hot word detection anywhere already.

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TheDu9du says:

hey guys thanks for making me feel young. I'm almost 27, and never heard of this, even though perhaps I should :/

KSmithInNY says:

No you're not missing anything. I'm 31, had never heard of this, and was thoroughly unimpressed. To me this was another "honey badger" video ... People speak highly of it in 3rd person but it's crap when you watch it.

jamie says:

Lobster Magnet:

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zackmack7 says:

Dafuq did I just watch

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KSmithInNY says:

Wow ... Guess I had my hopes too high cause that sucked ...

kctony says:

Not sure what I just watched? Not sure if watching it again will do any good....

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That is sweet! Our VW key no longer works, for a few years due to being around $300 plus new programming so it's always fun finding it without alarm.

always losing my car! thank God for panic buttons

tdizzel says:

Where was this when i forgot where i parked in downtown Detroit at 11:00 one night last year...not sure how I'm still alive

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jfreiman says:

Where was it? It was on my Mom's Windows Lumia! LOL
HERE Drive+ has had this for about a year.
That said, it seems that it isn't nearly as fleshed out as the Nokia feature.

mathiasjk says:

How does it exactly work, I've looked everywhere and I can't seem to find out how.

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NickLippert says:

I'd think it uses gps to see when you switch from driving speed to walking speed. Then grabs the coordinates.

markdowd84 says:

That's what I was thinking too.

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dullgeek says:

I have an app already that provides this functionality called "Auto Finder". That app works by noticing when you disconnect from bluetooth. Then it grabs your coordinates.

worknman says:

And if you don't hook up to bluetooth while you're in the car?

jf2go says:

I think that you set a transportation preference in Now (Driving vs. Walking or Biking), and it detects when you leave a moving vehicle and sets the GPS location.

Impulses says:

How does it differentiate between walking and me idling at 5mph in a parking lot looking for a spot for 15 min tho? (if at all) Thru could easily get fancier and make it more intelligent by asking you to identify your vehicle's BT connection (that way it KNOWS for sure where you got off), etc.

ScottJ says:

Easy. It sees you leave at car speeds after 15 minutes.

Think about it. It could grab your coordinates engender you are stopped and just discard them if it senses you moving again.

Impulses says:

That doesn't answer my question tho, once I'm INSIDE the lot looking for a spot I'm driving at walking speed for a while, how does it know I found a spot and walked away from the car at any given point? If they're mixing in accelerometer data or something fancier it'd be interesting, otherwise it's gonna be wildly inaccurate at times.

ACADM says:

Plus there's no way you're getting a GPS signal underground.

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vansmack says:

I noticed it yesterday. It did it twice automatically, once while at a business meeting, once at home, which was less useful.

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ProfMike says:


Simple, no? Implemented? No.

toddC#AC says:

I use Tasker for this (capture GPS coordinates when my phone disconnects from my car's bluetooth), but obviously the Google Now functionality looks much smoother and is a cool addition. I'm looking forward to trying it.

kcerica says:

I've been getting different alerts based on where I'm at even though GPS is off. Every time I get an alert I like that wonder how much battery/ram Google Now uses up

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jimbo says:

I use Google Now frequently. I'm looking forward to see if this helps me locate my car in a large outdoor parking lot like at a mall or stadium.

Several years ago I used an app for locating my car but I had to set it when exiting my vehicle which pretty much made me remember where I parked. Then GPS was less specific.

I look forward to the, hopefully, intuitive functionality of this feature.

zackmack7 says:

Google keeps amazing me with this stuff

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brassplayer says:

Actually, Disneyland converted their parking lot to a ginormous six-level parking structure in 2000. It's not underground, but depending on where you parked, it can be tough to get a GPS lock in there.

This is gonna be perfect for those drunken Bourbon Street nights :)
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savdini says:


Nexus 4 - CM10.1.3

cpaight says:

I don't usually have a prob remembering where I park, but the thing I found was really cool was that it showed where I parked today at work, went home to my girlfriends house and then out to dinner. She drove...Google Now still shows my parking spot is at her house.

NickLippert says:

Really? Hmmm. So maybe it tracks the location when you disconnect from Blue tooth in the car.

Lucy Davies says:

Mine hasn't updated yet so can't use this feature :( how do I check it for updates?

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ACADM says:

The update will eventually be in the Google Play store if you don't get it automatically, and Google usually has a slow roll out which is commonly known as a 'troll out'.

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Google now is currently telling me that my car is in my garage. Brilliant! It can't even figure out I'm home, and that I know where I park at home. I cannot figure out Google now. The only thing it tells me is the weather and how long it will take me to get to the gym, but it can't seem to fight out anything I want ahead of time, and I use Google for everything.

TonyHoyle says:

I've still yet to see a use for now.. It's so unreliable (I haven't seen the directions home card for ages, for example, so have stopped bothering looking and go straight to maps) and an unreliable system is useless to me.

I get the weather, a list of websites I maybe once visited and am not interested in any more, and, rarely, my journey to work (it still hasn't worked out I work monday-friday!). Of course I know how to get to work so that's not particularly useful either..

Sometimes it'll give me directions to a field somewhere at 3am, or a city the other end of the country. That at least has amusement value.

Its randomness kills a card like this for me - If I'm going to need a fallback for the majority of cases when the card doesn't appear, why bother with it?

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FunkyKoval says:

+1 exactly
I find Google now the epitome of arrogance rampant throughout a lot of Google's UI design. "We'll keep you on a need-to-know basis". Most annoyingly it gets in the way of the searching - makes you do an extra tap to bring up the keyboard after home swipe. Well at least so far you can opt out of it - the moment they remove the opt out I can see an explosion of search replacement apps.

Google not now - not ever
(home-swipes to search for ferrous properties of lobsters)

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Jake Cukich says:

It wont work for me :(

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Jonneh says:

Oh yes, yes, yes :-D

DroidOn says:

Google Now is awesome! But when will I get the update? It does not appear to be available yet.

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cpaight says:

The apk is out there if you can't wait

NoNexus says:

I have been drunk this month so I am happy that they came out with this. So much easier to find the car now. Checking random lawns is getting old dammit

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Wow what a disappointment!

I have now tried the Google Now Parking feature a couple of times. It gave me my vehicles location within 1000 yards - plus or minus another 1000 yards.

So Google Now tells me my car is" out there" somewhere in that gigantic parking lot. Hell, I already knew that! Tell me something that I can act on.

At this point the only people I see benefiting from this new "feature" are those with a significant substance abuse problem. Upon regaining consciousness, they can at least take some solace in knowing that they and their vehicle are at least in the same zip code.

Like a lot of people, I carry my phone in my front pocket. I guess this means no GPS lock, and my location is only determined with cell tower specificity.