As we mentioned a little while back, Google has had plans to give developers free Google TV devices for a while now. Keeping good on their word, developers are now reporting that the emails have been sent out for which they have up until 11:59 pm PST Nov. 11 to respond to. After that date, the devices will be shipping out provided you were able to confirm a U.S. shipping address. Really makes me wish I had signed up to be a Google Code developer now. Any of you all out there expecting one to arrive soon? [via MobitureBlog]

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Sporadic says:

Hey if anyone doesn't want there's I'll gladly take it off your hands :)

jonyah says:

Dang, I didn't get the invite.

myalover says:

I just hope this means I'll be seeing a Boxee App soon.

kstagg says:

Should have gone to AdobeMAX as everyone who attended got a Logitech Revue box for free. Well, it's being sent to our homes anyway in the coming weeks. :)

kstagg says:

....that and we were given a Motorola Droid 2.