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A longstanding bone of contention when registering for a Google+ profile was that you were required to use your actual name. Google had gone so far as to delete entire accounts based on psuedonyms. But Google has finally decided to allow for these nicknames and other established identities to be used on Google+, which is definitely a huge plus for folks out there who have built themselves around the alternative identity. While they will still be watching over the nicknames, and have restrictions put in place, this is definitely a huge step in the right direction. 

Source: Google+ Names Policy; via: +Bradley Horowitz


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Google+ now allowing the use of nicknames and other established identities


I view this capitulation as a significant sign of failure of their prior policy to the point where it was hurting their subscription growth.

Still, Google's execs won't use Google +, so one wonders just how committed they are to the entire concept.

Having said that, the requirement to use a real names was far from my most humbugian(tm) objection to yet another social media meat market.

It appears Google+ interest is on the wane Google+ interest is on the wane.

And apparently this is getting so bad that now you are FORCED to sign up with Google + just to get a Google account.

As long as you are forced to supply your REAL name, even if it is not shown to others, it is still not really private....

It is a tiny step in the right direction, though.

I'm sorry, what did they allow? My account has been suspended for like 6 months now, as I refused to change my ID to my real name, thus not using g+ anymore. Now, I get 'More options' option, and what do I see? I still MUST enter my full name, which will still shown in my profile.
So lets say my name is T, and surname is S, and I choose nickname as muziqaz, I still be seen as T S (muziqaz). So back to suspension then. thanks google :/

They don't care if you use *your* real name, all you need to do is change it to something that looks like a name. That's what I did when threatened with account lockout. I just chose a random name and within hours the warning was removed from my account.

One thing, though, you might need to supply an email address that backs up your name choice. Just a guess on my part, though. (It's what I did.)

well, the only way to stay truly private is to stay off the social networks all together anyway. Nothing to see here, move along...

The fact that they are "watching over the nicknames" is gonna be the downfall of Google+. STOP TRYING TO CONTROL PEOPLE! And the fact that I can't have my profile private is bull! I post publicly because I don't care for circles. I guess I will have to start posting with the "extended circle" option. Screw you Google!

At first I was happy when I seen this post but I just tried to update my nickname using my favorite screen name and they told me that I violated Google+ name policy. I should be able to chose what name a circle sees. Example: Family and friends can see my real name but everyone else sees my nickname/ screen name to help protect my identity. Hopefully they get it right soon.

Same here. I use Nighthawk700 for everything on line. And for Geocaching. Just about all the folks I interact with on G+ are geocachers, so it would be so much easier if I could have that for my nickname, but they object to the 700 part. (there's already a geocacher name Nighthawk, and my motorcycle was the Nighthawk 700 anyway)

how do they know someone is using a nickname? Unless they look at my licence or creed it card or medical record there is no way they would know. I stopped using my birth name before there was even an internet.