Google Music on Google TV

Google TV is finally starting to grow up, now that the Honeycomb update is rolling out. And following yesterday's Google Music announcement, you can now stream all of your music to the updated Google Music app for Google TV. Presumably your TV's hooked up to at least a decent stereo. If not, well, Christmas is right aroudn the corner.

Head into the Android Market on Google TV to download the app.

Source: Google TV blog


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Google Music now available for Google TV


Do you guys think the revue will even get updated? Google tv Obviously didn't sell well but i amagine the sales it did have were logitechs. But with logitech basically losing all that money amd saying suck? Will ghey even put in the effort? I hope so i want that damn update. Everyone else is already updated.

Check @GoogleTV on twitter they posted the following on Nov 11th:

"Those of you who can't wait for our big software update to reach your Logitech Revue, stay tuned! It's coming in the next few weeks."

I'm pretty sure that we'll be getting it next week or the week after, or at least that's what I got from the most recent G+ hangout with Jurek. But the best thing to do is to start saving up for the second generation of Google TV products that will be announced at CES, because once the update is out we will never hear form Logitech again. And I guess it's better to wait and have all the bugs ironed out.

That's not entirely horrible in my eyes. As long as I get the market, I'll be good for a few years. I doubt the GTV ICS update will be nearly as big a deal as the Honeycomb one...

I tried to install it on my Sony Google TV and it keeps saying "installation of Google Music unsuccessful."

Rebooted and it still won't work but other apps install fine, am I alone on this?

Running 3.1

3.1 here as well. Installed fine; search
for music on Google TV market yields nothing.
I used a PC browser on PC, snapped up free song
of the day, shows up in and works on the TV.

I downloaded that app this morning but didn't have a lot of time to play with it. I'm liking what little I saw.

Google music is awesome. I love having all my music on my computer back home available at my finger tips!