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Website goes live at 6am PT on the 15th to take orders from anyone in the U.S.

Update: Well, that didn't take long — Google has just confirmed that April 15th is the date when anyone will be able to plop down their $1500 and buy Google Glass without any kind of invite or crazy qualification. Simply live in the U.S. and be 18 years old, and you'll be able to buy Glass starting at 6am PT on the 15th from the Google Glass website.

Original story: Google will soon open up their Google Glass Explorers program to anyone in the United States for a very limited time. The expansion could start as soon as Tuesday, April 15th. This is not intended as the consumer launch of Glass, and the program will only be open to the public for about a day. Google will apparently throw in one of their Glass accessories with the purchase, according to The Verge:

It’ll be a limited-time offer, only available for about a day, and only US residents will be eligible to purchase the $1,500 device. Google will also include a free sunglass shade or one of its newly-introduced prescription glasses frames along with any purchase. An internal Google slide shows that the promotion may be announced on April 15th, though all the details of this program have yet to be finalized.

If Google opens up Glass to the public, even for a limited time, will you get it? Let us know below in the comments.

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Google might just let anybody buy Google Glass in one-day promotion [Update: It's official]


Same here. The price point needs to come down to something more affordable before I bite.

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'not "inteded"?'? Didn't you mean '...not "inteded"...?' Perhaps you meant to also put it in a complete sentence. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt here.

Looks like Google finally gave up and realized how ridiculous it is.

And lower the damn price. You guys do not have the Apple level prestige to be charging that much money.
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You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

why is the price ridiculous? i totally understand that its out of the normal persons price point but the first computer was 10000 bucks. it'll get cheaper as time progresses and competitors make their own. and apple level prestige? lets not go there.

+1 Especially considering these are probably not rolling off some assembly line, yet, since these are effectively prototypes. That means that building one of these things is likely still ungodly expensive.

Actually, they do. Just ask all the folks who bought Glass.

If you don't like the price just buy one if the competitors... Oh, wait, there aren't any.

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I like the idea, but even if it was $300 I'd purchase another smartwatch instead. I'd love to have Google Glass if someone gave me one but I just don't see it as something I'd use much. If they ever become widely adopted I'll change my mind, but for now I wouldn't want the attention a device like that draws.

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How do you wear something "obnoxiously"? Obnoxiously is an adverb which applies to the verb in your sentence: wear.

I'm tired of seeing all of these comments about the price. I hope some of these people know the price WILL be coming down.

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Maybe so, but it hasn't yet, so it's perfectly valid to complain about it being currently $1500.

Sometimes you charge a high price for something to keep the riff-raff out. If it was $200 they would get a bunch of purchases but few would be quality users who could provide the type of testing and feedback they are desiring.

So...your reasoning is only smart people can afford $1500 and only people who don't know anything about the device can afford below $200? Wow, talk about arrogance. This is why non-tech people tend to not like people like us.

I didn't say anything about smart versus not-smart. It's about gadget-freak versus non-gadget-freak. Power user versus casual user. Early adopter versus mainstream.

I've had an open invitation to purchase glass for some time. I've passed because I don't have $1500 that I could allocate to an alpha device. There are others willing to spend the money to be on the cutting edge. Those are exactly the people Google wants putting their device through its paces.

I long for the days when companies didn't think they could charge for alphas and betas. I don't know how old you are, but a couple decades ago, companies used to give away alphas and betas. Now? They call it "early access" and get people to pay THEM to find the bugs for them. I'm sorry, but charging "gadget-freak" people $1500 is insane. I'm a gadget freak, but completely unwilling to pay that kind of money for an unfinished product.

I'm not saying Google shouldn't charge people for a beta product, but $1500 is just nuts and I don't buy your reasoning one bit.

Yeah it we are talking about now

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you cool as they are, No! Not a chance. They simply are not near worth $1,500 bucks. Sorry. I understand it takes money to create cool new things, I get it. Its just nowhere near essential enough to warrant that kind of money. I suspect that they would need to cost about $200 or so before I would actually try and work up a reason why I need it.

I would never spend $1,500 dollars for such a device. Not to mention I hate glasses and wear contacts for a reason. I do however understand why it costs so much and won't bash them for it. I'll join the bandwagon when they can implant a chip in my brain and I have no need to wear a separate device on my head.

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Google give it up. Noone wants Glass--not even the ppl who have it. Any future for wearables is dependent on them being unobtrusive and useful.

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Methinks you don't understand how an alpha program works or the importance of early adopters in a technical product lifecycle.

Unobtrusive and useful are hard to achieve simultaneously. Perhaps if we had implants in our body we'd achieve it.

Ha, the grammar cop is out. At this time the price point is irrelevant to me. I'll be venturing into the smart watch world. The smart glass is out of my taste. I have a high rez device for a reason. I love to look at the screen. Other than the simple stuff the smart watch does I have no need to search the Web as I walk.
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$1500 is unrealistic for nearly all of America's working families. Google (a very wealthy company which earned $16.86 billion at the end of last year will need to bring the cost of Glass down to a reasonable price point if the majority of Americans are to take part. Otherwise Glass will continue to be a luxury item for no one but the wealthy or the financially irresponsible.

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It'll be $399 retail. Even though rumours says it was a an AFJ, I strongly believe they will fail miserably going any higher than that.

I can see a use for it, part of my job includes facility inspections. Having the facility layouts and other info and being able to voice my inspection notes, as well as grab pictures or video hands-free is appealing. But not for $1500 out of pocket.

I want to see if the Motorola 360 comes out at a decent price, even though it is a different device for a different purpose.

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A crap-ton of comments about the price. So many people have trouble understanding the intentions of Google, or perhaps they are just willfully ignorant.

Google set the $1500 price to filter out casual users. They want hardcore folks who are willing to shed that sort of cash for a gadget. Once they move out of the early-adopter phase, using the high-density feedback they receive, they can produce a consumer product that is designed and priced for the mainstream market.

This is product marketing 101 folks and almost all of you have failed the course.

Well, I am calling my self hardcore Google user but $1500 is WAY to much... There is no chance on Earth that this price is reflecting actual usefulness of the device...

I'm sorry, but your attempt to justify the $1500 price tag fell short. Why should we pay $1101 above expected retail price to BETA-test the device for them? Logic says it should be the other way around.

You're completely missing the point. You can't put an "expected retail price" on alpha hardware. In your OPINION, the price is too high. But, as this is new tech, the correct price is whatever Google says it is.

Also, if you're conducting an experiment, you want to keep your sample size and demographic contained, so that your results are not tainted. By keeping the price high, you keep your sample size small, making it easier to communicate with the experiment's participants and gather effective and relevant test data.

Right now, Glass is purely an experiment. It's not a consumer product. So, people complaining about the price are complaining about something that was never targeted towards them.

I could pay $1500 to get Glass on April 15th... or... I could wait a couple of months more and pay $399. Hmmm... decisions... decisions...?!?!

Sorry Google, I'm not going to pay you to be your guinea pig. If you want me to be an alpha tester you need to give me the product and pay me to test it for you! Not the other way around!

You've always been there guinea pig for the past 16 years. How do you think these guys have been making their money? Charity? Lol.

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I would probably get one. I'm in need of going to the optometrist to get my eyes checked. If I need glasses I'd probably get a pair.

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I was actually in the explorer program and invited to buy one. I have a shattered right vocal chord and was fearful that glass would not recognize my voice. My cell phone doesn't always recognize what I'm saying in google. So, I had to pass on getting one. I told them I'd need to go to a store when it's sold and try one to see if I can talk and be recognized. The difference between the men and the boys is the price of their toys!

I'll probably get one. I think they are neat and I'd imagine they will only get better. If they can put my prescription lens in them then I'm golden.

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Man! That 2014 Bugatti cost $1.5 million? thats too much. lol. Things are expensive and not for everyone. People please stop complaining about the price. You can by a Bugatti doesn't mean its overpriced; it means its over priced for YOU! Go to college get a good job and don't have kids until your out of debt. I can afford these glasses because I did just that.

You can get then on eBay now.. Also you can buy the Explorer certificate (no idea how that works since it's not supposed to be transferable). If anyone wants my Explorer certificate just ping me.

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Wish I didn't just shell 1,400 for two 780ti's for my PC...or I'd grab some Glas....

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$1500 is way out of my price range, especially seeing I would have to purchase new frames for my glasses. But what would be an acceptable price? The idea of Glass seems interesting, but not $1500 interesting. Maybe $350.

You kidding? People on here bitch like crazy when Google charges $10 shipping for a Nexus phone. None of these goofs are going to pay $1500.

You can all argue the price point all you want, but I can guarantee you they will sell out on that 1 day.

There are always people with money that want the latest and greatest.

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