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Book something on the web, get it in Maps

A Google Maps update has recently been rolled out which provides quick access to flight, hotel, and restaurant reservations you've made that are linked to your Google account. These should show up in your search history on mobile, but for now the feature is only available in the U.S. and in English. There have also been a few UI tweaks to get you to navigation and traffic overviews more quickly. 

The Google Maps update for the web also includes some cool stuff, like multiple stops when planning driving routes, and search results for upcoming events nearby. With any luck, these features will pop up on Android soon enough.  

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skitchbeatz says:

October 24th--the public availability of Kit Kat? (10:24 in the status Bar)

markcolenn says:

How to save google maps for offline use?
You can save any size unlimited. of anywhere.
first, you will need to download on your pc (mobile atlas creator version 1.8), which allow you to save the maps.
Note: on mobile atlas creator 1.8
select map source (google maps). zoom level (17 is good for cities).
atlas settings (format: RMaps SQLite). then create it.
then, on phone, insall (rmaps).
copy paste saved maps to phone:
(phone memory> rmaps> maps). then open
rmaps>settings>user defined maps> select the maps. Done.
it work great. i have google maps of all europe saved on my phone. enjoy.

Osmand is less work. You can download straight from the phone.

markcolenn says:

right. but, google maps much better, reliable, and inclusive.

eahinrichsen says:

Sounds handy. I doubt it'll replace TripIt for me, though.

They should do multiple stops for the Android version. Or am I completely blind and don't see it?

eahinrichsen says:

The "new" web interface doesn't have that feature, either. It's really frustrating.

icebike says:

Multiple stops is pretty useless, when Google Maps mobile versions won't even let you access your saved routes (My Maps feature). So you plan your route on your computer, hop in your car, and you can't get at your routes. This is why the old version is locked on my phone, because this used to work in the old version.

(In fact, you can't even access all of your Starred places on the mobile. You get some funky subset of starred places, and other are just not shown. Its really it or miss. Places you've had starred on your computer for years don't ALWAYS show on the phone, but any place you starred on the phone does).

cshrader says:

I agree. My maps is essential and I'm sticking with the original version until they bring this feature back.

While I'm not glad I'm not the only one who had this issue, it does make me feel less alone.
I updated my Maps app a few weeks ago and immediately went back to the original version because accessing my starred places was such a hassle plus I found the new version was very slow. If I went off route, the old version would immediately tell me a new course of action. With the new version of Maps, I'd wait up to 2 minutes for it to tell me what turn to take next. I live in Chicago and waiting 2 minutes for new directions is unacceptable.

I have a good number of starred places, and they're starred for a reason. Google really dropped the ball.

drwohl says:

My Maps support? Just returned from a trip that reminded me of how essential it has become.

laker_hockey says:

I agree with you 100%, google maps without My Maps support is nearly useless for traveling.

Say or Type in the search box when your in your MAPS application: "ok maps" It will then load that view into a offline cached map.

icebike says:

Not at all what we are talking about in this subthread.

We are talking about My Maps, where you sit down at your computer and plan a route from, say Seattle to Vegas, and you select the route, add any side trips, plan your stops, and save to My Maps under a name of your choosing.

You can call it up and review it, change it, drag route markers to a different road choice and save it again.

In the old version of Maps for Android, you could see all those routes, and call them up at any time. Then Google Improved the Hell out of the Android maps and this feature is gone gone gone.

The old version stays on my phone till this feature is replaced.

jckwong says:

Unless layers are added back in, there's no point in using Maps 7 for me. Layers are essential for my use, very disappointed it was removed

Gekko says:

i miss Layers too.

zhecht says:

Yawn. Wake me up when My Maps, a non-hackish offline map function, and a track-up view for navigation are back.

Type or say: "ok maps" in the search bar in your MAPS application and it saves it offline.

icebike says:

Clearly you have no idea what "My Maps" is, so stop posting this useless hint.

Jacques says:

I'd still like to see the Navigation functionality to include traffic reporting, which only Maps does now.

Gekko says:

"flight, hotel, and restaurant reservations you've made that are linked to your Google account."

exactly WTF does this mean?

cmiller74 says:

I refuse to upgrade until they add back in the ability to use Navigation without a destination.

buffdaddy72 says:

+1!!! Had to downgrade maps in order to get that function back. Vexing why they took that it away.

cmiller74 says:

I had to downgrade also. I tried the new version when it was first released. I really do like the look and feel of it better, but the live map is wonky and this is something I use literally every day. It should be a simple thing...I just don't get it.

Tigrisan says:

I'm still using 6.14.3 because I don't want to upgrade and then have it still not be right so I've been following all the conversations but it looks like they aren't going to bother to change things now. And since they bought Waze, it makes me think that will eventually be a Maps clone but with the people interaction. *sad*

sunlifexxx says:

WOW , trail maps, I am in Raleigh-Durham , NC and I see trail maps listed for the first time, when zoomed out looks like some one drew a bunch of lines on my maps , but when zoomed in you can see them. Supid me i had it on bike mode

DataHawg says:

I still miss the zoom buttons.

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Can't believe the way Google has practically ruined their maps app. I guess Apple and Google have something in common.

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