Google Maps update

Google Maps just got itself a little update to Version 4.7. And as you can see above, you can now rate plates (as in Google Places) to get personalized recommendations, and add a widget to your home screen to make it that much quicker. (How long before you let us check in, Google?) Street View also got itself a little bump, which is nice. We'll have to poke around this one and see if there are anymore Gingerbread Easter eggs, too. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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Is this "" something new, or have I just missed this?

seanp666 says:

Google street view got a nice update....much faster and all around better. google maps seems snappier as well

sqlgeek#AC says:

We can rate plates?

suizman says:

Hmm something strange is happening here after i have installed the new GMaps update my NexusOne runs faster,¿Am I just dreaming?Or it is something more than Street View in that update!

itch808 says:

Give us CACHED MAPS and CENTERED MAPS BY COMPASS and I'll be one happy camper!

tim242 says:

I updated maps, but no update shows for streetview. Hmmm

evoss05 says:

I can taste some gingerbread already. Hhhmmm

spsands says:

it says it added a widget for maps?? Im not finding that??