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Indoor maps has been announced today by Google for UK Android users. Currently 40 maps are now available ranging from train stations to indoor shopping centers.

It may not be a feature that we all use very often but as more and more indoor maps become integrated with Google, the more I see its use increasing. And it is a pretty handy thing to have at your disposal. There is nothing worse than arriving at a large train terminal for example and having no idea where the platform you need is. Especially after a few drinks!  Now all the information is right at your fingertips.

It is just a case of zooming in on the location in question and the map will automatically adjust to show you the floor plan. Simple. And it works beautifully. I just tested it on the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Clever stuff.

Thinking about it I can't understand why we didn't have this feature before. I reckon I can shave some time off of taking the Mrs shopping with this!

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DonnaJ415 says:

Sweet! I know a few US places that could benefit from that!

Hand_O_Death says:

I bet those street view cars got in a lot of trouble driving up and down the inside of the malls.

faridcooper says:

how will it cope with different floors of a mall though?

eyesparky says:

faridcooper It gives you small icons for each floor. Simply hit them and you see the corresponding map.