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Get easy access to Views, place details, search results, and alternate direction routes

Many have heard about it, but few have received it. The new Google Maps app that was previewed at Google I/O hit the Play Store yesterday, with a reported rollout starting today. A lot of new changes come with a sizeable update (to version 7.0) such as this. Many, like the loss of Latitude and the 'relocation' of the offline maps feature have taken center stage in this update. Others, like the new gestures, were simply posted on one of Google's support pages.

These gestures come in two varieties: two-finger and one-finger. To access satellite imagery, public transit, and traffic, use two fingers to swipe from left to right, and the Views portion of Google Maps will open right up. The remaining gestures all use a single finger. Place details -- such as information about businesses -- can be accessed by swiping up on the info sheet header. To view additional search results, a left or right swipe can be used on the bottom info sheets. Alternate direction routes can also be summoned with an info sheet swipe to the left or right.

Source: Google Support

Google Maps gestures

Pretty cool, and seemingly intuitive. Now to wait for the Google Maps update to try it out.



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Google Maps gains swipe-to-access gestures in latest update


I'll be waiting until my phone dies thanks to Motorola's inability to believe their customers want anything higher than 2.3.5. I'm so jealous!

Sounds like the photon on sprint, didn't you get your deal to either $100 coupon code for a newer Moto phone, or if on sprint $24 deal for moto users to upgrade to an ICS/ JB device with 2 year contract for only $24 a few months back

just sideload it. Make sure pick the right version for your android. I sideloaded the new Maps and love it. Once the official Maps is released, I will reinstall it.

WebOS gestures were intuitive because the exact same gestures were used across all first and third party apps and the OS.

Having a few gestures in maps which are different than g+ and different than anything else, I don't really find that intuitive.

I will try to learn them for convenience, however I don't think everyone will easily discover them as they would on webos

They're the same swipe gestures for the music app, that's for sure. Might be the same for the Books, Mag, and Movie apps too but not sure.

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I hope they're consistent. Also, speaking of WebOS, why is John Rubenstein not working at Google on the damn UX?

Where exactly do you the 2-finger swipe gesture?

And I know you can cache maps as an easter egg, but where do you see the maps you've cached?

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Got it, noticed right away my Navigation Icon was gone then uninstalled the update. All the pretty enhancements are irrelevant without the Navigation Icon outside of Maps.

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Wait, huh? So rather than have the feature baked in and seamless now, you'd rather have the separate icon for....what? I dont get the complaint. I swear folks put too much stock into the most minuscule details.

Installed apk out looks like the iOS version now. How did iOS get a Google app update before a Google phone?!

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The iOS apps just got lucky with the update cycle. Google's recently discovered design style came around shortly before Apple cut the cord on Maps, Gmail, Youtube, etc. We already had fairly good apps. As a result, Google had to get an app out for these services so they decided why not use the new style anyways. It'd make no sense to use an old style when they have to update it anyways.

Why the design language took so long to come to us, I don't know. But who cares? We have it now.

Are you still able to search restaurants by what is open? Helped when you were looking for a late night snack.

It doesn't work. Let's say you search for "restaurant," it will return results, but they might be 8 miles away...and closed. No simple way to access the list of results. No easy way to narrow down your choices. The up to 30 points style ratings are missing. I don't really understand how more people aren't frustrated with maps 7.0+

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My phone (RAZR i) must not be two-finger capable? It just moves the map when I do that swipe. There is instead a little tab in the lower-left corner that opens the Views menu. I are confused.

If you touch the map with 2 fingers it zooms out.....but the swipe does not open the menu, it just scrolls the map :(

Offline Maps can be used when someone is in an area that will not have a data connection. Last year I was at Mt. Ranier and used this to see where I was when I was driving around the mountain. This year I'll be driving around Mt. Hood and have already downloaded a map.

EDIT: If you were not aware, all of your Google Map data is downloaded over a data connection, as needed, unless otherwise saved in this manner.

Where is the + and - zoom feature? I would prefer to be able to use one finger instead of having to "pinch to zoom". I would also prefer to have the old style of saving maps for offline mode of showing the map scale size and MB needed, rather than the current trial and error of determining what size the offline map is.

Not a fan of this update so far.

I read somewhere else (Ars maybe?) that if you double tap and hold your finger down on the second tap that you can then swipe up and down to zoom in and out with one finger.

correct, you double tap and hold then slide up and down to zoom in and out. been a option for a while now.


No additional maps available offline (I note Thailand isn't available offline). I don't need uk, I can navigate there easily.

Even if your area is available, poor way to access it.

Maybe Microsoft has bought over google, and is now trying to run the brand down

Kudos, you are doing a good job, as I now never access google maps.

Now trying OSM

I don't think the 2 finger swipe works (at least on all devices) my Nexus 4 just moves the map. If I tap the "tab" or swipe it out though it opens it up. All other gestures work as described though.