Let's do this. Or not.

If you were waiting for your response from Google about the 2014 Google I/O lottery, go check your inbox. Google is sending out both the good news letters and the bad news letters right about now, and they'll be sure to let you know if you are going to be watching from the Moscone Center, or from YouTube this year.

We'll be there to bring you everything worth bringing — and it will surely be a lot.

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vansmack says:

#sadface. At least I have $300 to spend on a Google watch this summer instead.

chronophilos says:

Rejected. Congrats to the selected few.

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tdizzel says:

Rejected. To quote the legendary Rob Thomas, "You can still lose even if you really try"

jakeuten says:

what phone is that?

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Channan says:

That's a big phone...

sequoia462 says:

Nexus 8 or Nexus 7 (2014)?

NoNexus says:

Considering it is not made, no

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lucas710 says:

It's last year's phone/tablet...just look at the jelly bean clock.

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sentinelred says:

That's not a phone. More likely a tablet.

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Timelessblur says:

Honest still bitter over last year's complete fubar. Did not get in this year but still wish they did something to fix the screw up.

I want to know how many applied and how many got in threw the lottery.

derek5l says:

Why is that important?

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geoff5093 says:

Maybe he is just curious how many people applied? I know I am.

jazbojenkins says:

I have to say that I am a bit relived that I did not win. 900.00 is pretty steep! But I would have gone if chosen.

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gligor_kot says:

Sadly rejected :( Oh well... try again next year.

hmmm says:

All the same people will probably be chosen. This does look good though from a PR perspective.

Wait, so I need money to go to I/O? Just curious...

neonworm says:

Yes. It is not free.