Google I/O 2014 app

If you're heading to Google I/O 2014 later this month, you need this app. It has the schedule, it has a map of where everything will be, it lets you build your own schedule, see what people are talking about on Google+ (naturally), and even watch videos from previous I/O events. Google I/O 2014 is even good for those that won't be heading to San Francisco, with the option to set things up for your remote viewing of presentations.

The layout is very clean and with a tile-style layout ann clear controls. You can filter sessions by broad themes (design, develop, or distribute) or more specific topics like accessibility, Polymer, and wearables. You can even check out the multi-level map to see which I/O session is in which room right now.

So if you're doing Google I/O 2014, either in person or from your computer at home, the Google I/O 2014 app is an app you need — and it's free on Google Play.


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Google I/O 2014 app brings schedules, maps, and more


everyone start smashing buttons...there is bound to be an easter egg in here somewhere for free tickets :)

I like the session on battery life. I hope it leads to some concrete changes in several apps.

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I wonder if you will be able to Chromecast the keynote... That'd be nice!

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This is a seriously beautifully designed and working app.
I cannot wait to see the source code and dig around.

Good too see Google is keeping the Drawer menu. Usually Google introduces new design elements with this app, but this time it really just looks much more refined and smooth.

Also: the web app really blows my mind