Google Instant

Google Instant came to Android a little over a month ago, and was restricted to certain countries and regions. Google is happy to announce today that Instant has now gone global, available in 28 languages and 40 countries. 

If you have a device running Android 2.2+, Instant should be able to work for you. Go to, and 'enable' the feature underneath the search box and get ready to see results instantly! [Google Mobile Blog]


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Google Instant now available globally


I cant get the instant to work from the omnibox in my browser or on my DX. Any guess at why its not working anyone? I have rebooted...both...

Yes, your browser has to be in mobile view in order for it to work but once mobile is deselected it will revert back to regular mobile or classic views...even if you bookmark it. Mobile view in your browsers settings.