Live at Google

We've live from Google HQ in Mountain View, Calif., for the Android 3.0 Honeycomb event. We're expecting another look at the Tablet OS, and, who knows, maybe a few surprises. Join us after the break for live coverage of the event!

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jonapga says:

where link please! please!

jonapga says:

jonapga says:


jonapga says:

sweet, its staring!

jg274105 says:

Oddly enough, this stream is utter crap [thus far] on my CR48 netbook. The music they are streaming is just a lot of crackling, while my desktop plays it fine.

jonapga says:

not to many with CR48

Stream to mobile?

Kodros says:

Thats what I would like to know. I can't seem to get that to work.

Dhamp2g says:

This is great

rosser says:

is the full SDK being released today?

Sky.Jokiel says:

The stream is super choppy

CanOfBees says:

i'm guessing that a bunch of other folks just hopped on to the feed - the beginning was quite smooth.

... and it just keeps getting choppier.

edit: i'm canned ham? that's depressing....

Seriously? I'm having no issues at all

CanOfBees says:

yeah - every couple of minutes i'm getting a 2 or 3 second hiccup. it's a bummer, but the presentations are still good :D

Mariodroid says:

Is Gingerbread for Nexus One being release today as well?

DavidJ726 says:

I can view the Youtube stream via the desktop, but not on my Evo.. ? Any one else having this probelm?

storm14k says:


lshuman says:

He's using an Apple Laptop. That funny when he is with Google.

n64kps says:

Why? Google doesn't make laptops and Apple is sure as hell better than Windows crap

Cthugha says:

Android Web Market :D

mes215 says:

The new market online, just went live:

rmoise973 says:

why is this guy from CNN advertising an Apple laptop while demonstrating Honeycomb?????

gomezl7 says:

love the way they are using an apple laptop

execudroid says:

can't seem to log into the android market in the browser

Shawheim says:

yeah its broken right now. site is live, logging in isnt.

Sky.Jokiel says:

Just went to sign into the online marketplace ( and it says "INVALID REQUEST"

windiddy says:

the sign in page does not work.

John Yester says:

Sign on Market web page is not working. Invalid request

Raptor007 says:

I am having issues logging into the new web based android market. I keep getting an invalid request. Anyone else having this issue?

storm14k says:

Aww man....the lack of the music store kinda kills it lol.

storm14k says:

Same here with signing into the market.

crea78 says:

It's nice to see the Android Market going live online and also in-app purchasing.

deadp1xel says:

Worst. Event. Ever. /comicbook guy voice.

Sky.Jokiel says:


Lockeskidney says:

that was extremely underwhelming

DrScience says:

Thats what she said.

PortareAF says:

Wow, that was a bit of a waste, no dates, no prices...we'll show more at mwc...why not just wait to mwc if this is all you had...

ls377 says:

Prices for what? Google isn't selling anything.

PortareAF says:

Technically correct as it is Motorola's Xoom, but would have been nice for a launch date of their first 3.0 tablet and the cost...I am sure your right though since they aren't selling it they have no idea when it is being released or how much it cost...

jnl813 says:

If you people didn't know ALL of Google replaced ALL their PC's with Apple computers back in 2009. I myself LOVE Android and wont use anything but Apple computers. So yes people Google is smart enough to use Apple Mac's instead of crappy virus catching Microsoft.

JonK says:

If Mac OS had any worthwile market share people might bother to write viruses for them. And windows does not catch viruses. Incompetent users download them.

qnet says:

It was ok, I was expecting more about the Xoom but, at least we saw it in action a little. I'm glad they have the market online now, although it seems like it's not fully functioning yet. Hopefully some of the press at the event will post some more stuff on Youtube.

barry02 says:

We really needed Google Music to be announced today! Where in the hell is it? The Verizon Iphone is coming in a couple of weeks. Damn, I am so disappointed.

blckz28 says:

Is there some place I can replay the stream? I was digging out from the blizzard and wasn't able to watch this morning.