Google Maps

In case you missed it overnight, Google Maps is back on iOS. (No iPad version yet.) And it's pretty damn good, as you'd expect from a Google app.

And now that we look at it, Google's got two of the top four free iOS apps. There's YouTube at No. 4. And Google Earth is at No. 20, and Gmail at No. 28.


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Google has the top free iOS app


Lol, nice.

This matters because all of our wives/girlfriends/etc all have iPhones. Now they won't keep calling us for directions.

There's no question that Google should bring some of the UI elements from this version into Android. Personally, I think Navigation needs a big UI overhaul -- it doesn't fit with the Holo aesthetic at all.

After using it for 1/2 a day I'm really disappointed. I had been using Waze which has a LOT more features and customization, is free, and has access to contacts.

The Google Maps app did not include access to my contacts, and has virtually no customization.

I don't like it any more than the Apple app. I'm sticking with Waze.

I only use Waze if I need real-time traffic reports to avoid jams. Besides that, its directions are horrendous in comparison to Google Nav. It doesn't know that some streets are one way, and it sometimes want you to do crazy loops just to make a left turn. Plus it doesn't dim the screen on a long straight-away like GNav does.

Google Nav is way more reliable than Waze in terms of directions. Also, Waze can't find business and intersection searches very well, where GNav can. So I use both, for each of their strengths.