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All Chrome web browser users will be able to access video chats in Google Hangouts without the need to download a plugin, although it will take a little while for this feature to be fully implemented.

The announcement was made today by Google software engineer Victoria Kirst, who stated:

Starting today, we're rolling out an update that makes it easier than ever to start Hangouts video calls with your family and friends! You'll now be able to launch Hangouts in Chrome without having to download and install a plugin. Just click to start the Hangout, allow Hangouts to use your camera and microphone, and you'll be good to go!

Before you get too excited, Kirst does add that this feature is currently available just for Chrome Dev and Canary users but that it will be rolled out to all Chrome browser owners "over the next few weeks."

If you have never tried Google Hangouts, will you give it a shot now that there will soon be no need to download anything for it to work in Chrome?

Source: Victoria Kirst on Google+


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Google Hangouts video calls in Chrome won't require plugin anymore


- actually pretty sure it's only US based users that are constantly complaining. The rest of the World couldn't care less..

Sorry, I want you to have your GVoice, I really do... , just getting tired of this weeping every time an article about Hangouts appears...

I wish AC comments had ranking or +/-. This should be at the top. Every time the word Hangouts is written in a post, someone comes in and complains about it not having Google Voice integration. It just gets old. We get it. We want you to have it too, just stop complaining already. Hangouts has more pressing issues to fix before an integration that only affects a small portion of users.

I'll stop complaining when they fix it -- they shouldn't have messed with it to begin with. I was a GV user long before they came up with this Hangouts piece of crap.

What are you even talking about? My comment was in reference to all the people that complain about Hangouts and GV not being integrated yet. You do realize that at this time the two are still separate, or are you just wanting to complain just to complain?

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I'd like a Voice update but I don't want them integrated since I don't use hangouts.

I'd use this all the time !, easy while I'm on the web. Or I can just download the app on the computer

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Ya. Some of us don't have Google voice at all because of regional restrictions. But thanks for the reprimand for simply asking a question.

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