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Having been previewed last week as an upcoming feature to Google Goggles, the Goggles team has now made the Russian optical character recognition (OCR) and translation update available for all. What that breaks down to for end-users is that Google Goggles now has the ability to read Russian (Cyrillic) as well, translate it into any of 40 other available languages all by simply snapping a pic of the text needing translated and letting Goggles scan it.

In addition to the OCR update, if you have search history enabled -- you can now get a map view of previous search results that shows you exactly where you used Google Goggles and what, exactly it was that you searched for. As noted by Google, the search list often gets long and this new "view" allows you to quickly find the info rather then needing to scroll through a long list.

Finally, Google has added the ability to copy information from searches to your clipboard. For example, if you capture a number or contact info via Google Goggles -- that info, when scanned can now be copied to your directly to your address book. The update is live now in the Android Market, download link can be found past the break.

What a country!

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Google Goggles gets an update, now knows Russian


And with it, Angry Birds Seasons gets an update rumored a day or two ago here on AC.

And you can only play one level per day. Seems Rovio is going to force us to have a life this summer. ;-)

Кто на самом деле дает дерьмо о том, это на русском языке? Просто sayin .......

Однако я копать Google переводить все же. Интересно, сколько людей будет перевести это?

Made some UI changes, and the scan takes forever to find anything anymore! The QR codes are so fuzzy!

I tried writing a few things in Cyrillic but it wouldn't pick up the whole word or whole sentence. Anyone else have that problem?

Funny how the example shown (on the right) is wrong! Горячие Блюда = hot meals, not "main course". Same thing with Google Translate, single words are translated ok, but type in a sentence and you'll get a bunch of illiterate crap!

Actually that's not necessarily incorrect. "Main course" is an expression since "course" on it's own is not same as "meal". So when translating expressions you usually use another expression even if the words don't necessarily match. And "Горячие Блюда" is definitely an expression (or at least one of them) that refers to a main course in Russian.

Where I would say there's definitely a mistake is in that "main course" is a singular, whereas "Горячие Блюда" is plural.

Oh yeah and also of course I have to do this,
In Russia Goggles translates you... oh wait! :)