Google Glass XE16.1 update

Following up on the big jump from XE12 to XE16 last week that brought Google Glass up to running KitKat, a small bugfix update to XE16.1 is now hitting the wearable. We have no official word on what the update brings, but given the relative instability we've noticed on Glass since the XE16 update we're not surprised that a quick point released bugfix update was required. As far as user-facing changes go we don't immediately notice anything, so let's hope there are some good under-the-hood changes being made.

Our own set of Glass pulled down the update and restarted automatically while charging this morning, so there shouldn't be anything you need to do in order to get it going other than plugging it into a charger. If you've got Glass and notice something new after the update, be sure to sing out in the comments and let us know.


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Google Glass updated to XE16.1 with no noticeable changes


Yes, I have turned it on and off several times, waiting a few minutes in between.
It is hard to verify that a "cold restart" was really "cold".

I got my hands on glass two days back. As soon as I paired and got wifi on, it asked for update(i guess 16.1) after which it worked for few hours. Left on charge for few hours, switched off, took it to work, and it started rebooting just like you guys mentioned....confirmed with the Rep, its a known issue and they are working on it.

Now as its rebooting issue, I doubt it will be possible for my glass to come to senses to detect any new update 16.2 or whatever. Its dead paper weight for now and it killed its first impression on me.

I am guessing it may go back to the shop, may be :(

I've noticed that the on-head-detection function appears to be working correctly rather than locking up the device. Noticed that the lag from the XE16 update has disappeared. Oh, and the battery isn't discharging like crazy. It seems to be working as well as it did when it was on XE12.

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That's refreshing. Thanks for your post. I have been experiencing the same since update to 16 and was actively working with a rep.

My glass is also infinitely rebooting after 16.1. It gets to 'GLASS' screen for about 10 seconds, then off for 3, then back to 'GLASS' screen again. Looked on Google Glass forum and many folks are having this issue. Looks like Google may have screwed up big time.

I get the EXACT SAME thing. I cant break out of it. My Glass seems boot-looped going from XE16 to XE 16.1. How do you fix this???

My glass is also infinitely rebooting after XE 16 to XE16.1. It gets to 'GLASS' screen for about 10 seconds, then off for 3, then back to 'GLASS' screen again. Google Glass forum notes How Exactly do you fix this???