Google has let loose a small teaser about the upcoming Google Glass update, and it looks to be a great one. For starters, the platform version is moving to KitKat, and away from the current Android 4.0.3 builds. This will bring better battery life, makes things easier to update, and open up a lot of new SDK features for developers. But that's not all we'll be seeing.

Other new goodies include:

  • Photo bundles — Your pictures will be sorted as bundles, making them much easier to navigate through.
  • Photo replies in Hangouts – You'll be able to send images through Hangouts, as well as receive them.
  • Sending feedback – Sending feedback will be easier than ever, with a dedicated card in the device settings.
  • Voice command sorting – Voice commands are now sorted by recency and frequency. This will make it easier to find what you're looking for, when you need it.
  • Video calls will be removed – Google feels that video calls aren't living up to their standards, and they will be removed for the time being.

They also say there will be even more. We're keeping a close eye on this one, and we'll share as soon as we know.

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Google Glass KitKat update coming this week, brings a big list of new features


Kudos to Google for pushing this out just in time for the plethora of new potential buyers tomorrow!

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It serves a purpose and is priced appropriately. As a side note I do love reading the comments in any Glass articles as it is a good indicator of who the ignorant members are on the site.

It doesn't serve a purpose. Last week there I saw Glass user in the Genius bar at my local Apple Store and every single person in the room was looking at him weirdly.

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Of course they were looking at the person weirdly, they were probably ready to spit fire that someone would bring a Google product into an Apple store, not to mention the envy from the fact that Apple is so late to the wearables party its zombies... Er, fanbase,... is wondering if the party invite was lost in the mail.

Just because you don't 'get' it doesn't mean there's nothing to be 'got'. It just means that you don't get it. Which is no surprise.

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Just like smart phones, tablets, smartwatches, most cars... I could go on.

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"as it is a good indicator of who the ignorant members are on the site."

Because they don't share the same opinion as you?

They don't want a competitive price right now, nor is the price supposed to make them money. It could be $1400 or $1600, it would not matter, the high price is there to ensure that only enthusiasts willing to be beta testers buy it right now. If it was priced for consumers this device would get a terrible reputation because everyone would buy it expecting a polished experience

Thisx100! I completely agree this is a major reason of the high price. I own it and it is not a completely polished experience yet. There are some nuances and quirks that a typical user would not be able to figure out or deal with.

Means nothing since the consumer market has already decided this is a piece of crap to buy.

The only people buying Glass tomorrow are the ones dumb enough to get themselves beaten up the following day. Good luck to them.
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You're is easy to tell who the ignorant ones are, and you are number one on the list
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There will always be people who reject these types of things because of their own biases. Many people will not see the potential or will choose not to use it for fear of not fitting into society. They can't see past themselves and imagine how this might help other people. Instead, they project their own wants and needs on everybody else as if it is some kind of truth despite not having any real facts. None of us really know how the market will receive this technology just by reading some blogs. Will it seem unusual at first? Will people need time to adjust to the concept of this type of product? I would say yes but that doesn't mean it won't become mainstream as the technology advances. I surely want Google Glass to come to market because it will be a big help to me with my disability. If this type of tech catches on and does become widely used, all the better.

Apparently you care enough about them and butthurt enough that you don't have a pair, that you have to post the same comment on multiple sites..

Hopefully they include a anti ass kickin feature cause I can for see alot more hate coming to the new individuals that decide to hop on the Google Glass bandwagon. Not hating on it cause I would love to have a pair but spending $1500 on them my fiance would skewer my ass :)

These have way better commercial and business uses than they do personal use. Until people get used to seeing these at work, I fear for the safety of those who wear glass in public.

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Isnt this running the same CPU as the Galaxy Nexus which didn't get KitKat because its CPU wasn't compatible?

It's basically the same processor, but yeah. That was my first thought too. They reportedly removed all the instructions for the OMAPs.

You can run Kitkat on the Galaxy Nexus if you want to. Just not from Google directly - CyanogenMod and the like. Always thought the response from Google for not supporting the GNex with Kitkat was rubbish.

A little off topic but I see a lot of folks scared of getting beat up for wearing GG in public. Join a gym, take a self defense class and get some self confidence. Fuck what other people think.

People get beat up wearing Google Glass? Where? Who? I'm calling horseshit

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I'm calling bullshit. The folks I know with Glass are the nerdiest of the nerds and none of them have expressed any concern about it.

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And people get assaulted for driving like assholes. That doesn't stop them from driving like assholes.

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Not yet. I'm sure we'll get an official announcement on the Explorer community.

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I'm thinking it will be upgraded to run android wear. Even if that's not explicitly revealed!

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