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Google also confirms Google Play Music for Glass and stereo earbuds

Google has published a new page related to its Glass Explorer Program that lets anyone sign up for a chance to get the latest in wearable technology. Building on the recent expansion that let first-round Explorers invite three friends to get their own Google Glass, this new sign-up form simply asks for a name, email, country and reason for wanting the headset, and lets you know "if a spot opens up."

This impending expansion of the Google Glass program is U.S.-only at the moment, and they can't guarantee that anyone will get invited, but given the wording on the page it seems as though they plan to do something meaningful with the list of people interested in plopping the $1500 down for the tech.

Taking to Google+, we also have confirmation that Google Play Music and a new set of earbudsĀ for Glass will be coming soon as well. Just as many speculated yesterday, Google plans to roll out Google Play Music All Access on Glass with the command "Ok Glass, Listen to..." in the next few weeks. Accompanying the announcement is confirmation that there will be stereo earbuds that plug into the Micro USB port of Glass, much like the new mono earbudĀ that ships with version 2 of the hardware.

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Google Glass Explorer Program opens sign-ups to anyone interested


So we are saving up to be married in June. You think she will mind if I postpone for a couple months so I can get one for $1500?

On second thought ill pass. I don't want to be stabbed while sleeping.

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A couple of months should be fine. August is still a warm month.

How are you planning to get an invite though? You know someone?

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First marriage?

Obviously you register for this and tell all of your buddies to go in on it....

Beats dishes by a long shot.

I dunno...

Eating cereal off a paper plate with a spatula gets real old. I do appreciate the dishes we got as a wedding gift every time I eat.

Yes first marriage and second try at getting it done. Family weren't too helpful with some of our early decisions (destination wedding) so we postponed planning until everyone decided to be adults.

Not a bad idea. Too bad I can't register this at Target or Bed Bath and Beyond. Come on Google, hook a guy up.

Dishes get you laid, these certainly do not. This coming from a guy who is a beta tester for a billion phones a year with my company and 19 yrs of marriage under his belt. I own a billion accessories for each of these phones too. Trust me on this one, not once has it gotten me laid...dishes, picking them out, cleaning 'em, stacking them up and out before dinner, Laid Laid Laid.

I'm interested in a pair of wearable tech glasses but not these. Wonder how long before we see the screen integrated into the glasses lens? Those are the ones I will be buying. Till then, no thanks.

I got an invite to get Glass... then the wife made it very clear what she thought of me spending $1500 on these while we're still renovating the house.

I'll love secretly recording And takings pictures from people. People find no fault, so whatever. I'll gladly put down 1500

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I didn't see anywhere that the new signup is US-only.

On the contrary, there is a select-box where you have to note your country.

Just signed up now - after mature consideration I think I'm up for throwing 1500$ at El Goog

So I give them $1500.00 and they let me borrow a set of prodotype eyeglasses that I can buy for a few hundred dollars in a few months. Seems like a good deal to me.

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