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Today and today only, anybody in the United States with the drive to click a few buttons and $1,500 burning a hole in their pocket can buy their very own Google Glass headset and earn the vaunted title of "Glass Explorer". It's an exclusive-ish club, previously reserved for those who Google so anointed and those to whom the anointed sent invites.

The availability is good for just today, but there's a bit of a bonus thrown in for customers: when buying a Google Glass today, Google will throw in your choice of sunglass shades (normally a $150 addition) that attach to the default wrap-around metal band or a pair of frames for prescription lenses (normally $225). Of course, you'll need to get the prescription lenses to go in those frames on your own, but it's a nice little bonus to get considering that you're plunking down $1,500 to try out a headset with admittedly limited functionality for the normal person.

But they're so cool. So there's that.

Are you game? Cool. Get your credit card ready and hit the source link below to get your very own Google Glass.

And let us know if you're getting in on the Google Glass action today — we made a poll and everything.

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Google Glass available to everyone today and today only


The only people buying this are certain businesses and industrial corporations.

Don't count on the rest of the average public buying this crap.

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Why is it crap? Technology has become stale, and this is a new and different way of interacting with the world. Is it for you? Probably not. But it isn't crap, and kudos to Google for actually trying something different.

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He's just a pissed off troll that hates GG so much he has to read and comment on every article. Whiney little bitch

I know half a dozen folks with Glass, none of them come even close to your descriptions. They're the exact same early adopters and tech enthusiasts that bought the first iPhones and Android devices You are so blatantly biased and ignorant about Glass's appeal to the broader public it is truly sad. Any regular here knew you'd be one of the first commenters. Personally I think you're just whiny because you can't afford them.

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Love our society, if this product is not for you then why even bother to comment. You saw the headlines you knew it wasn't for you so just move on.

She thinks she's the average public, let her be.
She even goes to think that industrial corporations would want to spoil its workers with a $1500 toy that will never return the investment.

Its not crap but I wonder how many invitee's have turned down the opportunity. it might be the way its marketed as being exclusive that sells it rather than having to ugh haul the phone out of your pocket or having android inna box connected to your TV.

If I had an extra $1500 I'd buy it right now. It's prohibitively expensive for me, but I hope one day it won't be.

Imagine the beating Apple stock would have taken if they were the one who introduced such a failed product.

Tempting, but I'll wait for the consumer version. Development is not quite there for me to part with $1500, but I am definitely looking forward to using Glass.

At $1500, it's too expensive for me. Once the price comes down I would love to own a pair.

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bought one, going straight on ebay to make a load of sweet sweet profit! Overseas buyers will be all over this.
:) can't wait for my order to arrive!

Until they come out with an X-Ray app that will peer right through a woman's clothes, I've no more desire for something like this than I do for a smartphone that straps on my wrist.

X-9 = 2B^3

Most people I know who already have glass are too ashamed to wear them in public. They have very limited functionality and the product itself has a very bad image. Not to mention I don't want to wear my smartphone.

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